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World War I by Mind Map: World War I

1. Causes

1.1. Militarism

1.1.1. European nations tried to compete with Britain, who had the largest military, and Russia, who had the largest army. This lead to a dangerous buildup of weapons. Technology was advancing = more deadlier and powerful weapons

1.2. Imperialism

1.2.1. Britain's empire spread to over one quarter of land mass Other european countries wanted more control over land and resources Hostility between nations, examples Britain and Germany, grew stronger and fight for land increased

1.3. Nationalism

1.3.1. Europeans wanted to unite with others of similar ethical backgrounds Many groups wanted their own country Example: Many Serbians were living in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was part of Austria-Hungary wanted liberation from Austrian control to become part of Serbia. Also the Serbian feared of being taken over by the Austrians.

1.4. Military Alliances

1.4.1. Members of the military alliance promised each other support if one of them were attacked. There were 2 major military alliances in 1914 The Triple Entente/Allies: Britain, Russia and France The Triple Alliance/Central Powers: Italy, Austria-Hungary, and Germany

2. Consequences

2.1. Military Alliances lead to war

2.1.1. A mix of suspicion and competition started a full on war. Started when a Serbian nationalist who shot the Archduke of Austria-Hungary and his wife. Austria-Hungary cried out for justice. And had a list of demands Serbian didn't agree to any of the demand that the Austrian-hungarian demanded

2.2. Canada's Response

2.2.1. Canada had a choice of whether or not they wanted to play a role in the war. They supported Britain and decided to make a mark and play a larger role. Britain needed soldiers; Canada had 3 000 soldiers in it's army but promised 25 000. By the end of the first month, they had 30 000 brave soldiers registered