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Homelessness by Mind Map: Homelessness

1. Jobs opportunities for the homeless

1.1. Even just cutting grass or trimming bush's.

1.2. Perhaps a job of dog grooming.

1.3. maybe a job driving a trash truck.

2. How are the homeless looked at by the rest of the community or government

2.1. Most of us look at people that are holding up signs asking for donations like, "they probably put themselves in that positions". To some point we might be right.

2.2. what about the ones who are veterans or marines whose life just fell down hill. They could be homeless for many of reasons, like a bad marriage or crippled and cannot work.

2.3. we all look down on them as if they are just a disgrace.

3. Places for homeless people to stay

3.1. There are not many places that the homeless are welcome to stay.

3.2. It would be great if the government would create housing for the homeless specifically.

3.3. Even if the government just takes old sheds and remodels them.

4. What is Homelessness

4.1. Homelessness has to deal with not having proper shelter, not having a place to call your own without being bothered or even a safe place to rest your head.

4.2. Being homeless is hard because most of the time if you are homeless you do not have a job.

4.3. It is also hard due to the fact without a job you probably are not guaranteed a meal.