PROKARYOTIC CELLS (Include Bacteria and Archae)

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PROKARYOTIC CELLS (Include Bacteria and Archae) by Mind Map: PROKARYOTIC CELLS (Include Bacteria and Archae)

1. Lack of :

1.1. Membrane-bound nucleus

1.2. Cytoskeleton

1.3. Membrane-bound organelles

1.4. Internal membranous structure

1.4.1. Golgi Apparatus

1.4.2. Endoplasmic Reticulum

2. Common Structures and Their Functions

2.1. Endospore : survival under harsh environment ( Bacteria only )

2.2. Nucleoid : contain genetic material

2.3. Ribosomes : protein synthesis

2.4. Plasma Membrane : mechanical boundary of cell, nutrient and waste transport.

2.5. Inclusions : storage of carbon, phosphate and other substance

2.6. Gas Vacoule : buoyancy for floating in aquatic environments

2.7. Periplasmic space : contain hydrolytic enzymes & binding proteins for nutrient processing and uptake (Gram -ve bacteria) : small/absent (Gram +ve bacteria)

3. Special Component of Cell Wall

3.1. Cell Wall

3.1.1. Two types which is Gram Negative Cell Wall and Gram Positive Cell Wall

3.1.2. Responsible for shape of the cell and prevent bacterial cells from rupturing due to changes in pressure.

3.2. External Structures.

3.2.1. Fimbriae and Pili

3.2.2. Axial Filaments

3.2.3. Flagella

3.2.4. Glycocalyx

3.3. Internal Structures

3.3.1. Plasma (cytoplasmic) Memnbrane

3.3.2. Cytoplasm

3.3.3. Nuclear Area

3.3.4. Ribosomes

3.3.5. Inclusions