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Dreaming by Mind Map: Dreaming

1. Modulation

1.1. REM Sleep Starts

2. Sources:


3. Effects

3.1. Behavior

3.1.1. In cultures around the world humans believe that in dreams there are hidden truths revealed about themselves in the world. Where? The central paradox of REM sleep is that there is an increased responsiveness to sensory stimuli in the thalamocortical region of the brain (much like in the awakened state) despite the fact that there is a lack of cognitive responsiveness to sensory stimuli.

4. Coded for by the DRD4 Gene

5. Neurotransmitters

5.1. Dopamine

5.1.1. Dopamine Receptors

6. Sleeping / Dreaming

6.1. Destinations

7. Sleep

7.1. stimuli received by the ventrolateral preoptic nucleus

7.2. release of

7.2.1. Melatonin Hormones in the Pineal Glands EEGS measure alpha waves REM Rapid Eye Movement Trigger Vivid Dreaming

8. Cerebral Cortex


9. Spinal Cord