Properties of Weather By: Talia Zavialov

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Properties of Weather By: Talia Zavialov by Mind Map: Properties of Weather By: Talia Zavialov

1. Precipitation

1.1. Rain gauge

1.2. 1. Precipitation includes rain, snow, sleet, and hail.

1.3. 2. Precipitation in liquid form includes drizzle and raindrops.

1.4. 3. Important solid forms of precipitation include snowflakes and hailstones.

2. Air temperature

2.1. thermometer

2.2. 1. One of the fundamental measurements in physics.

2.3. 2. Air temperature is a measurement of heat energy.

2.4. 3. Air temperature affects wind speed and wind direction.

3. Humidity

3.1. Hygrometer

3.2. 1. Humidity is a measure of the quantity of water vapor in the air.

3.3. 2. Humidity is a measure only for vapor content.

3.4. 3. Humidity can also be measured with a sling cyclometer.

4. Air pressure

4.1. Barometer

4.2. 1. Air pressure comes in all directions at the ground level.

4.3. 2. Air pressure is different if the places and time are different.

4.4. 3. Air pressure at sea level is usually 1013 mb.

5. Humidity

5.1. Hygrometer

5.2. 3 facts