Planet of the Gatorade

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Planet of the Gatorade by Mind Map: Planet of the Gatorade

1. Gods

1.1. Jargo

1.2. Gator-Ade

1.3. Tarzan

1.4. Amp

2. Moons

2.1. Loser World

2.2. Hell

2.3. Winning world

2.4. Heaven

3. Events

3.1. The god Gator-ade made people from dirt and gatorade

3.2. made gatorade clay models to make animals and women were made from blueberry rib

3.3. Ocean is made from Riptide Rush, Trees are made from lemon - lime

4. AMP electricity inc.

4.1. Planet run's off AMP Juice

4.2. The planet

4.3. Made hospitals, houses, batteries, and heaters

5. Reproduction

5.1. All men and women have kids and grandkids and generations