This is the presentation mind map used by Biggerplate Founder Liam Hughes to open the 2016 Biggerplate Unplugged mind mapping conference in New York City.

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#BPUN16 by Mind Map: #BPUN16

1. Welcome!

1.1. Biggerplate Unplugged

1.1.1. Purpose: Collaborate & Learn

1.1.2. Outcomes Momentum Opportunities Insights

1.1.3. Structure Informal Interactive

1.2. Twitter

1.2.1. Tweet with #BPUN16

1.2.2. Best at #BPUN16 tweet wins... Fill in blank Take a photo Share on Twitter E-mail [email protected]

1.3. Visual Explorer

1.3.1. Choose an image "For me, mind mapping is..."

1.3.2. Share your thinking

2. When I grow up...

2.1. You wanted to be...

2.1.1. Your answers?

2.1.2. Top answer "Founder of mind map library & community"

2.1.3. 2nd most popular "A knowledge worker..." (Said nobody, ever)

2.1.4. Yet here we are...

2.2. What do we do?

2.2.1. "Think for a living"

2.2.2. Capture, handle, distribute Ideas Information

2.2.3. Evolve the information Research and capture Join up dots, fill in blanks Pass on improved info

2.3. Are we equipped?

2.3.1. Employees?

2.3.2. Businesses?

2.3.3. Students?

3. 2016 Knowledge Puzzle

3.1. Puzzle building

3.1.1. Challenge 1. Complete by 12:00 Possible?

3.1.2. Challenge 2. There is no box Impact?

3.1.3. Challenge 3. Monochrome pieces Impact?

3.1.4. Challenge 4. Is this 1,000 pieces? All the right pieces? The right puzzle? Impact?

3.1.5. Challenge 5. Here are 4 more puzzles Same rules apply... Impact?

3.2. 2016 Knowledge Puzzle

3.2.1. No box Lack of big picture Lack of defined goal

3.2.2. Links not obvious Where to start What relates to what What belongs together

3.2.3. All the pieces? Subject to more/missing pieces Try to build a picture

3.2.4. Multiple puzzles

3.3. The solution?

3.3.1. We have the solution

3.3.2. Or at least something that helps...

3.3.3. But why so under-utilised?

4. Stories not science

4.1. We have the solution

4.1.1. Mapping is the missing link Tasks 2016 Survey Benefits 2016 Survey

4.1.2. But still under-utilised... Credibility issue? Nice vs Necessary "Board room friendly" Incorrect positioning? Lingering mis-conceptions? From the 1970s Pseudo-science

4.2. We don't talk science

4.2.1. We're not qualified There is interesting research/reading We're not Doctors, Scientists, Researchers (But we do have 'experience') Liam's brain (2.0)

4.2.2. We're not sure it 'sells' Knowledge workers need solutions Practical tools for practical work Nobody bought excel because of science

4.3. We talk people & process

4.3.1. Normal people

4.3.2. Normal jobs

4.3.3. Positive impact

5. Biggerplate 3.0

5.1. It's about people

5.1.1. Connecting our community

5.1.2. Challenges & opportunities Ideas and daily work Where mind mapping fits

5.1.3. Development areas Students I wish I'd had this at school Startups Can't imagine running a business without it Sustainability Tackling this requires our best

5.2. It's a mindset

5.2.1. Collaboration & innovation

5.2.2. Improvement Personal Professional Finding better ways

5.2.3. Ideas & information Explore Develop Bring to life

6. Conclusion

6.1. Today covers all of this...

6.1.1. Great speakers

6.1.2. Great sessions

6.2. Relax, enjoy, question, collaborate

6.3. What to be when we grow up?

6.3.1. Part of something bigger

6.3.2. Part of something exciting

6.3.3. Part of something fun

6.3.4. Right here

6.4. Thank you