Islamic Topics and their Forums

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Islamic Topics and their Forums by Mind Map: Islamic Topics and their Forums

1. Neo-Zarqāwi-ists (ultra-violent Jihadists): believes Jihadists’ religious doctrine rules all and that anyone who does not actively support al- Qaeda is an enemy of God who deserves to be killed.

1.1. Medād al-Sūyūf: 4,237 registered members

1.2. Ḥānīn

1.3. Minbar al-Tawḥīd wal Jihād

2. Wahhabi: Popular in Saudi Arabia and retains a socially conservative, austere and vacuous interpretation of Islam.

2.1. Fursān al-Ḥaq- Mainly a forum for religious, Egyptian Wahhabis. It has 107,753 registered members.

2.2. Al-Ḥisba - religious website

2.3. Anṣār al-Mujāhidīn

3. Jihadism

3.1. Al-Hisba (II), not the same as the Wahhabi Al-Hisba site of the same name

3.2. Al-Taḥaddī: The third most popular al-Qaeda affiliated Jihadist forum. It has 5,861 registered members.

3.3. Shumūkh al-Islām: The second most popular al-Qaeda affiliated Jihadist forum.

3.4. Al-Fallūja: 17,858 registered members.

3.5. Al-Mujāhidīn: Jihadist website regarded suspiciously by Al-Tahaddi, Shumukh al-Islam, and Al-Falluja

4. General Issues

4.1. Al-Jazeeratalk

4.2. Ma’ārik Islamic network

5. Al-Qaeda affiliated

6. Salafist: A revivalist Sunni Muslim trend that believes that Muslims should shed traditional theological edicts and instead derive new religious verdicts directly from the sources.