Group Solitaire or Box

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Group Solitaire or Box by Mind Map: Group Solitaire or Box

1. set up

1.1. standard 52 playing card deck

1.2. 2-4 players

1.3. A flat surface in which can be played on

2. Starting play

2.1. Failure

2.1.1. problems Easily got locked up No clear moves No real compatition just solitaire in agroup

3. two player rules

3.1. Each player takes half the deck

3.2. each player declares two suits (Players may not declare a suit that has already been called)

3.3. each player shuffles their half the deck

3.4. each player then places alternating placing cards until the field is set up traditionally for solitaire

4. Four player rules

4.1. Divide deck among the players randomly

5. play

5.1. The player who places the first card moves first

5.2. each player draws three hidden cards only they may see and begins turn

5.3. A turn consists of two actions

5.3.1. Placing a card

5.3.2. moving a stack

5.4. The player may do the previous actions in any order

5.5. once a player has officially cycled through their deck they may choose to shuffle or "lie" their cards and start over

6. Drawing

6.1. Each player may draw three cards to replace the previous cards

6.2. players may not have more than three cards in their hand at any time

6.3. cards must be used in reverse order

6.4. Can preform this action three times

7. The goal of this game is to complete your suit or suit's

8. Partners

8.1. Players may choose a partner and declare the opposing color suit

8.2. In order to win both partners must complete their suit

8.3. Partners can not sit beside each other

8.4. Turns are taken counter clock wise to the youngest person only to be changed if a lady is present in which case they move first

8.5. Partners may agree to skip a turn in order to trade the top four cards of their decks

9. Singular

9.1. each player declares a singular suite

10. stalemates

10.1. To avoid stalemate no player may move the same card more than twice in a row

11. starting play

11.1. Dealer pulls out the four aces

11.2. then deals out all remaining cards to players

11.3. each player at random chooses an ace

11.4. each player chooses a partner

12. first turn play

12.1. Determine player order

12.2. starting player declares higher or lower

12.3. then flips the top card of the deck

12.4. each player will then draw the same number of cards as the number of the card drawn the table with out looking

12.4.1. jacks:11

12.4.2. queens: 12

12.4.3. kings: 13

12.5. each player then flips their final card face up to determine who wins

12.5.1. If lower declared lowest card wins

12.5.2. If higher declared highest wins

12.6. the player who wins gains all the cards put fourth and shuffles them into their deck

12.6.1. If the top card of a stack matches the ace of the winning player then the winning player puts it on their ace instead of shuffling it with the rest of the won cards

13. aces push

13.1. During a turn a player may use any card on their ace to "push" the total count of cards up for a single player

13.2. this step is taken before flipping the final card and as such their must be a brief time to allow execution of this step, not exceeding one minute

13.3. This card then goes to the winner at top of their pile

14. Win conditions and draw

14.1. Any single opponent in a partnership is out of card's to wager

14.2. in the event of a draw it shall be determined by who has more cards on their ace including their partners pile

14.2.1. If this does not solve the problem then add all the cards on each pairs ace and whoever has the highest end toltle wins