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Forum Backend Spec by Mind Map: Forum Backend Spec
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Forum Backend Spec

Forum Creation Process


Only a franchisee and / franchise admin person can create a new forum.

Create Forum

    Click on "Create New Forum" wizard Select Forum Type (drop down) CEO Forum, Key Executive Forum, Sales Leadership Forum Select Forum Region (drop down country, drop down state, drop down city) Create Forum Name (text box) User must enter forum name Select Targeted Member Count (10 - 20) Select forum commencement date (calendar) Select forum recurrence pattern Select forum dates for 12 months (calendar) Select monthly hosting options (client premises, venues, blend) Select forum pricing End of Use case, forum profile is now created Calendar dates must be able to export to pdf and emailable All forum data must be loaded into the infusionsoft database to create a forum product in infusionsoft    

Create Chair

    Once forum is created, Chair is notified of new forum and requested to log in Chair accepts new forum details and can now upload profiles of venues, speakers, forum members and other admin. Integration with Infusionsoft, if profiles already exist the data must be imported into the Forum module    

Create Speakers

Admin Clicks Add Speaker Profile form is loaded Admin enters Details Clicks submit Email is sent to speaker to complete form (i.e. add profile pic and Biography etc) Speaker profile is created and added to speaker index. (Alternative) Admin clicks add speaker Speaker index is loaded Admin clicks on existing speaker profile in the index to add it to the forum Speakers have access rights to view forums and upload files into the forum module  

Create Forum members

Admin clicks 'create forum member' Admin has choice to import profile from infusionsoft Or enter in details of a new profile, in which case the profile is synchronised with the infusionsoft database Admin click submit, and new profile is added to the forum Automatic email is sent to the forum member with option to update forum profile

Create Forum Collatoral

Print collatoral refers to all the print media related to the forum i.e. pamphlets, brochure, speaker's hand outs etc. Leverag Global Corporate will provide the collatoral 'templates' which are loaded into the system for the franchisees. Create forum marketing collateral using the available templates (the right solution for this still needs to be defined) PDF (email / download version) PDF (print version) Store marketing collateral in the Forum Info section in each forum

Free Trial Process

    Actions done by Infusionsoft, Forum Module and Admin/rep --User enters webform-- 1.)A reconfigured 'note' is automatically attached to the profile which tags the user's status as 'forum trial applicant' 2.)Sales rep/admin opens up Infusionsoft and sees all the leads coming in, he is prompte by Infusionsoft to follow up with a call 3.)Prospect is qualified by rep/admin- applicant either qualifies or not. If not, admin leaves users profile 4.)If the applicant qualifies, then the Sales rep/admin sends email confirmation from the forum module system with username and password to allow user access to forum backend 5.)User enters system and status of user is tagged as 'free trial member', access to module and resources is granted for one month. 6.)Admin selects the forum tab in infusionsoft and selects the forum date for the applicants first day of attendance. 7.)Data from infusionsoft populates users profile in the website data base and updates profile in the forum module. 8.)Once the first month is up, user is either disqualified from the system automatically, or admin upgrades status to 'forum 3 month trial user', in which case 3 month access is give. 9.)Once three months are up, system automatically updates user status to 'Forum client' until admin removes user to 'dormant'  

Form 1

as per iPlotz wireframe Website user enters detail into forum clicks submit. Data is sent to infusionsoft Second form page is loaded

Form 2

as per iPlotz wireframe User fills in second page of info. Although this is not necissary to complete the process. user clicks submit Data is captured in infusionsoft Thank you page is loaded, and thank you email is sent from infusionsoft  

Infusionsoft collects data

Admin/rep receives email to call prospect


Prospect is tagged as a free trial member

prospect is tagged in infusionsoft as well as in forum module

Forum Administration

Once the forum has been created and all the members have been loaded into the system, the admin users must be able to use the module to administer the forum on a monthly basis. This must be in a 'checklist' format for admin to run through each month in preparation for the forum


Dates are set for 12 months, admin can change or mover dates that fall on a public holiday as well as Dec and Jan


Admin must be able to select a new venue for up and coming forum sessions


Admin must have access to a checklist that tickes Supplier sourced Catering orrdered Invoice processed Logistics finalised


Admin must be able to select/create a new speaker for each new forum session Admin must be able to select/create a new speaker presentation for each new forum session


Checklist Presentation and hand-out collateral requested Collateral received Print handouts formatted Print handouts printed

Forum Communication

Email reminder template is loaded into the system On a monthly basis admin must be able to change the fields in the template including Venue, venue logo Speaker details and bio and profile pic Time and dates Once email template is created it can be sent to forum members in the system.

One on One coaching

checkbox Meeting scheduled in calendar Meeting date Meeting notes    

Session Feedback

  Speaker feedback section Session feedback section Email template sent to delegates  


Upload any files like PowerPoint presentations, audio / video recordings, and any other collateral related to the session

Trial Member conversion Process

    Once the member has attended the free trial forum, he either decides to continue or not. If he dicides to continue the following must happen: Convert member from Free trial to Trial Member (paid), synchrinised with Infusionsoft Upload signed contract as a PDF document and save to member's profile in module as well as Infusionsoft Select payment method (monthly debit order or EFT paid quarterly in advance) If debit order is selected flag action to load on debit order system If EFT is selected, flag action to generate invoice for client Save invoice to client profile    

Member profile creation

Send client a username and password to log in and complete profile Reset password Update additional information Company Company page Logo Company description User Photo Bio

Free trial

Free trial data fields (Front end Forms) Title: Request Free Forum Trial (Text Area that is editable by admin for description) Step 1 of 2 Personal Information Title- (drop down list standard - Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Doc, Prof, Rev) First Name (text box) Surname (text box) Job Title (text box) Country (drop down pick list) State/Province (dynamic drop down pick list, based on country selection) Telephone - Country Code box (preselected based on country and state selection but changeable) i.e. +27 for South Africa Area code box - is a text box, maximum four digits. Telephone number box - (only selects numeric data, no space, etc), box underneath saying please dont use character spacing. Fax - Same as above Mobile - Country Code box (preselected based on country and state selection but changeable) i.e. +27 for South Africa Mobile number text box - no character spacing, only excepts numeric input Email - (text box) Step 2 Company Name (text box) Website Address (text box) Postal Address 1 (text box) Postal Address 2 (text box) City (text box) Postal/Zip Code (text box) Comments (big text box)

Company Profile Creation

Once free trial profile is created and approved by admin, username and password is emailed to user. User then logs into system to complete their form. User must complete their profile in order to access the backend module. Data that has already been captured must be populated into the fields. User Update Page Company Profile -Backend form 1 (populate existing data) *Logo (picture upload box) *Company Name (text box) * Company Turnover (Drop down) R1 - R35 Million, R35 - R100Million, R100 - R500 Million, R500 Million + *Industry (drop down pick list - standard list) *Staff count (drop down list - ranges for 1-10, 11-50, 50-100, 100-500, 500-2000, 2000-10000, 10000+) *Website Address (text box) *Company Telephone - (same as other) *Company Fax - (same) Postal Address *Postal Address 1 (text box) *Postal Address 2 (text box) *City (text box) *Postal/Zip Code (text box) Physical Address *Physical Address 1 (text box) *Physical *Address 2 (text box)     *City (text box) *Postal/Zip Code (text box)   *Find on google maps (google maps, finds map and places it into the profile) *Company Description: (2000 character text box)  

Company Financial Information

Company Financial Information Fields (Backend Form 2) Company Registered Name (text box) Company Trade As Name (text box) Business Entity (drop down box based on Country selected , pick list, i.e. CC, Pty Ltd, Ltd) Company Registration number (text box) VAT details Are you VAT registered? (with radio button for yes, no) If selected yes, then a VAT registration number must appear with a text box Purchase Orders Do you require purchase orders for invoices? (radio button yes/no) "When the user is allocated to a service and invoicing takes place, the system will recognise whether a purchase order is needed and activate a workflow process accordingly (to be defined)" Please select or create the financial administrator for your company: Who would you like to select as the financial administrator for your company? (financial administrators receive invoices and administer the financial section of you company profile) Please select contact (all company contacts must appear): Name 1 - by default the user's name is here (radio button) Name 2 (can be added when new users are added to the system) Create New Person Title (drop down) Name (text box) Surname (text box) Job Title (text box) Telephone (same as other) Fax (same as other) Email (text box) *submit* When the person is selected or created, the system sends him an email with a username and password stating he is the financial administrator for the company and allocated financial administrator rights to the module

User Profile Creation

  Personal Profile (Backend Form 3) (populate existing data from free trial form) * Profile Picture (Picture upload box) * Title- (drop down list standard - Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Doc, Prof, Rev) * First Name (text box) * Surname (text box) * Job Title (text box) Gender (drop down, male, female) Date of Birth (drop down for day, month and year) * Country (drop down pick list) * State/Province (dynamic drop down pick list, based on country selection) * Telephone - Country Code box (preselected based on country and state selection but changeable) i.e. +27 for South Africa Area code box - is a text box, maximum four digits. Telephone number box - (only selects numeric data, no space, etc), box underneath saying please dont use character spacing. * Fax - Same as above * Mobile - Country Code box (preselected based on country and state selection but changeable) i.e. +27 for South Africa Mobile number text box - no character spacing, only excepts numeric input * Email - (text box) Education (Tertiary) Qualification (text box), Institution (text box), Graduation year (drop down of years starting with 1900) *Button* add qualification (if this is selected it repeats the above fields so user can add as many qualifications as they want) * Personal Biography (2000 character text box) Online Profiles Facebook (URL) Linkedin (URL) Twitter (URL) (URL) *button* add profile (can add profile for another social media site - name with character box, URL with the box for the URL)  

Forum Section

Once the forum module is creacted the user must be able to see the following

Forum Description

Name of forum Marketing collateral Chair person's profile with hyperlink to website profile


Contract PDF Membership details Date joined Monthly fee Notice period


Monthly invoices Stratement


  Past dates (since joined) Past dates attended Next session Future sessions  

Forum Sessions

    Details of next session, as populated my forum admin Date Venue Times Speaker Attendees (past sessions) Files Feedback    

Coaching Session

    Past sessions Date Time Notes Future sessions Dates Times    


  Directory of current active members Hyperlink to each member's profile Personal Message Board  

Discussion board

Post a new thread List of current threads Discussion board settings


Search facility to search by member criterion