--PBIS-- Communication & Decision-Making

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--PBIS-- Communication & Decision-Making by Mind Map: --PBIS-- Communication & Decision-Making

1. Communication

1.1. Common Sense

1.1.1. Warm Initial contact

1.1.2. Chg parent conferences to Problem-Solving Mtgs

1.1.3. Adapt and use phone script when scheduling conferences

1.1.4. Share ways parents can help support PBIS

1.1.5. Share Initialisms, Acronyms, and buzz-words early

1.1.6. Inform PBIS early

1.2. Focusing on Parents of other nationalities

1.2.1. Communicate in parents' native language Invitations Written communication School materials and forms Phone Tree ConnectEd Ask for interpreters when needed Include staff members who share the same culture to meetings and conferences - with parent permission

1.2.2. Celebrate our different cultures Minority Parent Committee Ask parents of diff cultures to share customs

2. Decision-Making

2.1. Student-focused

2.1.1. Family input into setting student goals

2.2. School-based

2.2.1. Parent representation that is representative of all students

2.2.2. Use regular events to get parent input

2.2.3. Inclusion of parents on various committees and councils PBIS Leadership Grade Level Technology Committee

2.3. Broader representation

2.3.1. Nominate parents for regional and district committees

3. Ideas

3.1. Vandalia

3.1.1. PAWS Card Parents Acting With Support Parent card gets punched when they come in and participate. Incentives

3.1.2. Mystery Reader Reads selected book Local celebrity Dramatic reading Visits classrooms

3.1.3. Block Meetings Meet w/ parents in the community Apartment Complexes Workshops Child care included

3.2. Hunter

3.2.1. Emphasize the need to apply for grants Barbara Bush Foundation

3.3. Lindley

3.3.1. Spring - visit next year's grade level teacher - similar to curriculum night, but for next year.

3.4. Us

3.4.1. Parent Workshop

3.4.2. Student of the Month

3.4.3. Volunteer Luncheon

3.4.4. Volunteer of the Year

3.4.5. Parent Resource Room

3.4.6. Set up a parent input station in computer lab during events

3.5. Allen

3.5.1. Homework Hotline Funding? Grant?

3.6. Sedgefield

3.6.1. Parent Workshops Resume-writing Other timely topics that are helpful to them Not just school topics

3.7. Lincoln

3.7.1. Set up a volunteer ConnectEd group Proctor-seeking, etc.

3.8. Ferndale

3.8.1. Weekly ConnectEd We do this

3.8.2. Ladies of Ferndale Serves community Student-based group service project

3.8.3. Parents seeking community service They approach businesses on behalf of the school

3.9. Nat Green

3.9.1. Transition to middle school program

4. Next Actions

4.1. Create a Family Inolvement Plan

4.1.1. Select 1- 4 for communication and 2 other types of invovlement.

4.1.2. Communication should have at least 2 goals

4.1.3. Transfer this to the PBIS Goal Plan

4.1.4. Address 3 other types later in the year and add to plan