EU funded project: "Advancing Rights for Vulnerable Palestinian Women and Children in East Jerusa...

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EU funded project: "Advancing Rights for Vulnerable Palestinian Women and Children in East Jerusalem" by Mind Map: EU funded project: "Advancing Rights for Vulnerable Palestinian Women and Children in East Jerusalem"


1.1. Domari Society of Gypsies in Jerusalem!who-we-are

1.2. Burj Al-Luqluq Social Center Society

2. ArtLab


3.1. Mubadaret Shabbab El Balad (Jabal Al Mukaber)

3.2. Al Essawyeih Community Center

4. WarChild Holland

4.1. Abu Tur Women Centre, Silwan

4.2. Wadi Hilweh Information Centre, Silwan

4.3. Al Bustan Centre, Silwan

5. Right to Play

5.1. schools

5.1.1. Al Azariyeh Girls Secondary School

5.1.2. Al Azariyeh Girls Elementary School

5.1.3. Masharee' Al Azariye Girls School

5.1.4. Al Rawda Al Isalamiya Al Hadeetha

5.1.5. Al Fata Al Lajia Elementary School

5.1.6. Al Omma Elementary School

5.1.7. Al Aqsa Secondary School/Al-Azaria

5.1.8. Hosny Al Ashhab

5.1.9. Islamic Girls Secondary School

5.1.10. Dar Al Aytam Islamic Elementary School

5.1.11. Al Nahda Islamic Elementary School

5.1.12. Al Aytam Athuri Elementary School

5.1.13. Al Fata Al Shamila Secondary School

5.1.14. Al Jeel Al Jadeed

5.1.15. Riyad Al Aqsa Secondary School

5.1.16. Al Huda Elementary Boys School

5.1.17. Al Hasan Al Thani

5.1.18. Riyad Al Aqsa Mixed School

5.1.19. Al Nithamiya Secondary School

5.1.20. Al Nithamiya Shoufaat School

5.1.21. Dar Al Tifel Al Arabi

5.1.22. Jeel Al Amal School

5.1.23. Al-Aytam School A

5.1.24. Al-Fatah D

5.1.25. Dar Al-Aytam D

5.1.26. Al-Jdeera Secondary Girls School

5.2. Youth Clubs

5.2.1. Sour Baher Club

5.2.2. Abu Dees Club

5.2.3. Al-Azaria Club

5.2.4. Borj Al-Aqlaq Club

5.3. CBOs

5.3.1. Al Hamawi Center

5.3.2. Al Ameera Basama Association

5.3.3. The Arab Association for the Physically Handicapped

5.3.4. Jeel Al Amal Association

6. Heinrich Böll Foundation

6.1. Al Mortaqa Women

6.2. Sabreen Association for Artistic Development

6.3. Old City Youth Association

6.4. Nibras Al Quds Society for Individuals with Special Needs

6.5. Jerusalem Center for Women

6.6. Al Razi Cultural and Social Association

6.7. Spafford Children's Center

7. Target groups

7.1. Children/Youth

7.1.1. Empowerment Artistic training ArtLab Old City Youth Association Sabreen Association for Artistic Development Psychosocial support leisure activities Old City Youth Association for physical/ mentally disabled children Democracy Al-Razi Association for Societal and Cultural Affairs

7.1.2. Support for schools and youth clubs Right to Play Renovation of child friendly facilities and spaces War Child Holland Renovation of child friendly facilities and spaces Development of Child safety policies for CBO’s, Capacity building of community-based organizations working with women and children and children with disabilities and girls on child safety and child-rights standards, and with teachers on child safety

7.1.3. Awareness Raising Right to Play and War Child Holland Child-led community-based awareness raising campaigns on the rights of all children to psychosocial support, sports, and leisure activities Al-Razi Association workshops in schools, get young Palestinians involved in democratic procedures to make their voices heard

7.2. Adults

7.2.1. Women Empowerment Economically Psycho-socially Education / Training

7.2.2. Men Training/ Awareness Raising Right to Play Nibras Al Quds Society SAWA Psycho- social support SAWA Nibras Al Quds Society