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tristate by Mind Map: tristate

1. workflow improvement

1.1. Collaborative Problem Solving

1.1.1. Creative Meetings "yes, if" NOT "no, because" Neutral Group Leader Idea board Recorder

1.1.2. New Tech Mindmiester Google Docs

2. Programatic Improvents

2.1. Cell Phone Plans

2.1.1. Total Ban Advantages Disadvantages

2.1.2. Total Permission Advantages Disadvantages

2.1.3. Mix Partial Ban Advantages Disadvatnages Full comm/Full Data Ban Advantages Disadvantages Partial Allowance advantages disadvantages

3. Training/Staff ideas

3.1. Staff Training Anual Theme

4. Marketing

4.1. Clear mission statement

4.2. 0 paper

4.3. Individuality+++

4.4. scholarships

4.5. Big Data

4.5.1. Smarter Targeting with Analiytics

4.5.2. Hiring digital natives to work SEO, digital presence

4.6. Campers are new target group

5. products of interest

5.1. apparel

5.1.1. online storefront services

5.1.2. Cool tshirt supplier

5.2. ropes

5.2.1. Zipstops

5.2.2. Autodescenders

5.3. marketing

5.3.1. large format printers

5.3.2. paperless

5.4. Pest conrol

5.4.1. Bedbug heat control

5.4.2. mosquito/tick spraying

6. The Future

6.1. Logical Consequences of Tech Immersion

6.1.1. 50% of 5th graders own their own phone (now)

6.1.2. Family Surveilance

6.1.3. Digital Comms

6.1.4. Low Supply of IRL talent Huge selling point for camp

6.2. Changing demographics

6.2.1. People Are Aging

6.2.2. Diversification

6.2.3. Millennial's kids are reaching camper age New Market Demands from millenials More parent involvment More flexible schedules More purpose driven vision More individualization More education/performance focused Less "trust of authority" Straight up more informed Kids see parents more as friends as much as authority figures

6.2.4. Increased population Realestate increases value Capitilize on demand for nature retreats