Grandparents Around The World.

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Grandparents Around The World. by Mind Map: Grandparents Around The World.

1. grandparents can live far and near to their grandchildren.

1.1. Arizona, Asia, Europe, Australia, North America

2. They called different names

2.1. Babu, Bibi ,Tata,Tutu,Dadu,Yaya

3. They like to spend time with their grandchildren

4. They come from different socioeconomic background history

4.1. Some grandparents are wealthy and others live in poor condition but still like to spend time with their grandchildren

5. spend time with their own grandmother

5.1. Helping grandparents with doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning house, and etc

6. Fishing

7. Going to the park

8. Visiting the zoo

9. Reading books

10. Cooking and eating together

11. Talking on the phone

12. Grandparents come from varied backgrounds, but share much in common