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penguins by Mind Map: penguins
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penguins under water

peguins can dive to the great deapth of 560m .

penguins can swim up to 48km.

penguins can hold there breath up to 22 minutes .

pinguins survival

when getting food the mom penguin goes for food at a different different time than the dad penguin.

they have a huddle thecnuiqe that persevrs the heat by taking turns on the out side of the circle.

the ice is so cold that if th egg hits the ground egg would dye.

human effect

humans melt the ice that the penguins live on with green house gasses witch forces the penguins to move.

humans have taken penguins away from there natrul habitat to be traded or sold on the black market.

types of penguins

emperor penguins are bigger than all the other penguins .

maceroni penguins have crazy yellow hair do like macironi.

king penguins are a smaller version of a empreror penguins.

there are many other types of pinguins that i did not show go to http//www.penguin (dont click the link does not work).

by taras mccrae.