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FORGE by Mind Map: FORGE

1. communication to the team (Newsletter)

1.1. Newsletter 1

1.1.1. Domain strategy

1.1.2. Timeline

1.1.3. Rollout plan (which product first, sequence)

1.1.4. Program forge update (Rob to send to Thomas)

1.2. Newsletter 2

1.2.1. Kalender view of June - visual

1.2.2. transparency of components we're working on speak about them being used across all products Provide visual of all components

1.2.3. benefits of the new architecture

1.3. Newsletter 3

1.3.1. Thomas to add

2. Domain Strategy

2.1. Get approval on one-domain strategy (Thomas)

2.2. How do we treat G2W, G2T

2.2.1. Will not change. To remain under

2.3. How do we treat G2A

2.3.1. .../remote-support still needs to remain .../remote-support/en-uk

2.3.2. or Matt and Rouven to present to David K to make final decision

2.4. Clarify options with OPS (DEFERRED UNTIL AFTER PHASE 1)

2.4.1. Resource Center (UberFlip) Rob to check with Matt

2.5. GEO IP browser redirect rules- need to be define


2.5.2. Review with Rick, Steven and Nav (Anh to schedule meeting) Jira Ticket for research spike:

2.5.3. Communicate outcome to POs

2.6. Domains Audit (from OPS)

2.6.1. Clean up domains/redirects Reviewed the domains that pointed to CQ but am sure if those are all domains (Thomas) Merge Rob's and Thomas' list and audit Provide list of all domains that need to be moved to Brightspot


2.6.3. meeting to clarify options with Stephen (German Ops team)

2.6.4. options for subdomian: or others?

2.7. Page URLs Audit (With PO)

2.7.1. Anh check with Annah and SMs to see where we're at.

3. Environments

3.1. Get understanding of general setup

3.2. Meet OPS team to get understanding of time line and to dos

3.2.1. Review docker image/prep work/vanilla instance

3.2.2. Install Github on Stash Define branches, tags, etc.

3.2.3. Build the environment

3.2.4. Deploy Stash on our evironment

3.2.5. Migrate PS Github to our environment

3.2.6. DNS name and resolution Buy and install SSL certs Netscaler config in ED1, stage, production

3.2.7. Build production environment

3.2.8. Define deployment process CI on dev/ED1 Research Spike: Jenkins build system overview

3.3. Implementation

3.3.1. Dev environment - No longer needed internally. Going with PSD hosting.

3.3.2. Production: mid May - Going with PSD hosting

3.3.3. PSD guys troubleshooting issues

3.3.4. Jenkins built process BEAM Training

4. Backend-Architecture

4.1. Agree on high level setup of system

4.2. Meeting with Hyoo / Steven and internal Dev Team in order to kick off the architectural setup

4.3. Locale POC

4.3.1. How to set up configuration for country to currency mappings and sites to languages (in BS)

4.4. Implementation

5. MVP

5.1. Agree on what MVP is

5.2. Define needed components

5.2.1. See Jira tickets

5.2.2. Should we allow user selection of language and currency for MVP or just have the pages.?? (Thomas) Language and Country will be selectable in non-US sites if POs do not approve for US sites.

5.3. URL decision

5.3.1. Decide on what subfolder path from Rob/Anh to talk with Sara Create GetGo Dev ops Jira for URL change Pass over to Kevin when we decide on URL subfolder

5.4. Assessment from PO (Al)

5.5. Implementation

5.6. Go Live Date: 5/26

6. Care pages

6.1. Get requirements in for component development

6.1.1. define needed components Get Satisfaction component imports list of topics define # of entries Sendgrid Salesforce: to pull self help articles SurveyGizmo

6.2. Define URL/Domain structure

6.2.1. Meet with Thomas for guidence

6.3. Walk care team through INTL setup w.r.t. localizing content and domain structure

6.3.1. Schedule meeting with care team: TLD structure + system architecture

6.4. Implementation

6.4.1. Nav training with Steven

6.4.2. Work on simple component to get experience in developing with Brightspot development

6.4.3. Meet with Rob to talk about architecture

6.5. Migration planning

6.5.1. Page inventory

6.5.2. G2M homepage (MVP)

6.5.3. Setting up Jira board

7. Phase 2, International

7.1. Development

7.1.1. Phase 2 components Flip cards (Prabhu) Social Media ?? Resource cards ?? Resource article templates ?? Columned lists ??

7.1.2. Deferred bugs/issues/enhancements Bug scrub to set priority

7.2. Move Try/Buy flows into Brightspot

7.2.1. identify options to meet INTL / TLD strategy requirments Request time from Hansel to walk through how we could achieve what we want (RICK/MICHAEL) Need to define next steps with Rick Define the work tasks that need to be done to achieve this Check out eCom emails: what is triggering the language of the emails that are going out today? locale=en_US --> the first part of this parameter defines language of emails

7.3. Country specific elements

7.3.1. Add modules on country level

8. Create slides for high level - high priority items for Phase 2.

9. Integrations

9.1. MVP integrations

9.1.1. define needed integrations for MVP

9.1.2. Integratoin FEC/Commerce Handoff (Trial flow) channeltracking Tealium/AA Rob communicating with Sara on domain strategy

9.2. Post MVP

9.2.1. Moxie Integrated via Tealium Testing to verify

9.2.2. Optimizely

9.2.3. FEC/Commerce Handoff (Buy flow) [Will do with pricing component]

9.2.4. Demandbase for contact sales form decision: will not be used any longer

9.2.5. YouTube Marketing account for YouTube Need requirements define and sent to Lindsay and Becky Do inventory of all videos for all products

9.2.6. Cookies: tracked people who clicked on Login for webinar and training

9.2.7. Cookies: track people who have tried other products

10. Migration

10.1. Editors

10.1.1. Who Scrum masters Designers

10.1.2. How long

10.2. Redirects

10.2.1. Can we handle redirects through BS?

10.3. Define plan with Annah


10.4. Add canonical tags to section pages in Jira

10.4.1. <link rel="canonical" href="" />

10.4.2. Michael has this task. Might not need to add them manually.

10.5. G2A/P Migration

10.5.1. LPs

10.5.2. Resource Articles

10.5.3. Redirect set ups

10.5.4. URL assignments

10.5.5. Internal links checks

11. Frontend-Architecture

11.1. Define Frontend Architecture

11.1.1. Implementation of the FE JS framework

11.1.2. Training: Non platform devs, care devs, Michael

11.1.3. Documentation: confluence page (on-going) Javascript Localization Build system (grunt)

11.2. Implementation

12. SEO


12.2. Meeting to define tasks

12.3. Set up meeting with Charmaine to see if we want to do anymore from the list.

13. INTL Migration

13.1. Migration order

13.1.1. engb

13.1.2. de

13.1.3. es

13.1.4. fr

13.1.5. it

13.1.6. nl

13.1.7. se

13.1.8. pt not needed

13.1.9. no not needed

13.1.10. fi not needed

13.1.11. dk not needed

13.2. GEO IP redirect

13.2.1. need a GEO IP DB partner if Demandbase DB is not been used anymore --> research spke

13.3. product comparison site

13.3.1. potentially use pricing ocmponent

13.4. Migrate eCom flows to BS

13.4.1. try flows

13.4.2. buy flows

13.4.3. general Form processing/validating missing (deprecated) in Brightspot/Dari. Need to develop on our own? new eCom API Client/Catalog Import in Brightspot (already done in Prototype) SSL, at least for payment Need to find out all parameters for configuration catalog plankey region promotion locale validpromo nocc ipaddress defaultPromoCode marketo hidden fields sfdc automated testing framework Serverside or Javascript Wizard (using angular)?

13.5. PDF handling

13.5.1. lead gen PDFs are today in CQ. Need to find a ways to deal with that.

13.6. Videos

13.6.1. INTL Videos on YT as well? Yes, clarified with Becky / Lindsay. They'll take care. EMEA team to provide list of videos.

13.7. Motionpoint

13.7.1. Discussion needed if we still need to host sites / landingpages still with MP or if we can move away from them All clarified. There'll likely be no more LPs anymore.

13.8. Marketo Forms

13.8.1. Research: how do we make marketo forms INTL in terms of languages dynamically presented

13.9. Chat for INTL

13.9.1. Research - What does need to be changed to integrate moxie on INTL sites Include Alysha prior to launch in order to let her know about the domain changes. done, will include here before launch

13.10. EU cookie functionality

13.10.1. Design:

13.10.2. Develop:

13.11. Opt In rules

13.11.1. Design:

13.11.2. Develop:

13.12. Impressum

14. Fast Follow Issues (end July deadline)

14.1. Need to add # of seats to square form

14.2. Integration: Tracking Cookies

14.3. Design: Review of all subpages

15. Phase3 and Beyond

15.1. Future Integration points

15.1.1. CloudSearch (Care: would replace SF search)

15.1.2. Concierge chat

15.1.3. AWS/ElasticCache or CloudFront (Care: would replace SF article service)

15.1.4. Marketo (post to)

15.1.5. Salesforce (post to)

15.2. Translation

15.2.1. Motionpoint translation API (ROB)

15.2.2. Thomas to follow up with Dmitri Support site Salesforce articles

15.2.3. Meet with Maren about overall strategy

15.2.4. Define localization requirements for CMS