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LCP (Ayedi) by Mind Map: LCP (Ayedi)
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LCP (Ayedi)


Conversion Manager (Fatmà Saàd)

Communication Manager (Noussair Arfaoui)

International Relation Manager (Ayman Rekhis)


International Relation Manager(Ameni kahouach )

International Relation Manager (Azza Zouari)

Reception & services Manager (Amine Haj Sassi)

Sales & Follow up Manager(Maryem Ben Salem)

BD responsible

Sales & Folow up Manager(Moez Karaa)

Sales & Folow up Manager (Mayssa Khmilet)

Sales & Folow up Manager (Iskandar Lamin)

HR Responsible

Tracking & Quality Manager ( khadija Trigui )

Tracking & Quality Manager (Fadi Glanza)


Conversion Manager ( Karama Habli )

VP F&L (Zaki)

Sadak Trigui

Amin Hamdi

Ayman Feriani

Wided Rhimi

Raouia Jaraya


Contet Creater Managers Omark Charfi

Contet Creater Managers Omark Charfi (Anis ellouze)

Commnication Manager (Iheb Rekik)

Contet Writer Manager (Dhouha Ben Romdhan)

 IT Manage Manager (Omar Ben Salah)


Matching & Sales Manager (Nesrine Mnejja)