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Sample Plan to Manage Anxiety by Mind Map: Sample Plan to Manage Anxiety
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Sample Plan to Manage Anxiety


Scheduling too much

Other people's anger

Work Stress


Not enough sleep


Negative self-talk - criticizing myself

Stuck in the cubicle

Watching the news

What motivates me?

Panicky feelings are unpleasant and scary

Anxiety affects my work

Anxiety keeps me from doing things I enjoy like traveling

Anxiety keeps me from making new friends

I want to feel good

What works for me?

Long deep breathing

5-5-5 Breath

Do quick body scans to stay aware of signals from by body


Positive self-talk

Being assertive and saying "no". Setting boundaries.

Limiting caffeine & alcohol to 1 per day

Spending time by or in the water


Staying aware of my mood and thoughts and noticing when I'm feeling triggered

What doesn't work?

Drinking alcohol

Blaming others for my mood

Stress eating


I like to write

I'm creative

I'm compassionate

I'm organized

Do the Strengthsfinder test to find out more of my strengths and about how to use them.