Gender & Stigma

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Gender & Stigma by Mind Map: Gender & Stigma

1. His and Hers Infertility

1.1. Mustafa's story can be seen in two different ways, one being the abandonment of his first marriage due to the fact that he wants to prove that he was able to impregnate his wife.

1.2. On another note we see how there is suffering within the gender. Most people view a man as these masculine strong beings that are supposed to be perfect in other words, and having a man who has an issue in being able to reproduce with his wife maybe makes these men feel as if they are less of a man. Almost like a masculinity complex.

1.3. We also see the other side of the spectrum. How a woman can feel about not being able to have her own children. As said in this chapter, we see the salvation of masculinity and we also see the destruction of femininity for others. In either case it could never be neutral.

2. Stigmatisim

2.1. Infertility alone can be a highly stigmatized health condition. It hurts both identities of a male and a female, emotionally, physically and financially.

2.2. It can also strain the relationships associated with these men and women among their social classes.

2.3. Others also hold this stigma as in this technology being morally questionable. In Egyptian's minds they see it as illicit sex, illegitimate offspring, and just sin. Everything must be done in silence.

3. The Man who replaced his wife

3.1. Male Infertility had a very big impact on this marriage. The couple described in this section's marriage was deteriorating.

3.2. According to strong opinion it was the also his wife's "strong personality."

3.3. For a man not being able to serve his purpose in being able able to procreate was a very severe matter for Egyptians. After Mustafa remarried a younger woman, they began the trials again to seek pregnancy. After repeated exams, it was confirmed, his wife was indeed pregnant. From the way I read the text it looked as if he put the blame on his previous wife and the fact that she was older in age and that his infertility issues were not the cause of her not becoming pregnant.