Copy of Telescope

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Copy of Telescope by Mind Map: Copy of Telescope

1. Building the Telescope

1.1. 1. Use Xacto knife to cut two holes in the cardboard, one for each lens(holes should be traced per lens and cut slightly smaller to secure the lens)

1.2. 2. Glue one lens to the end of the paper towel tube. Repeat (be sure to pick the 30cm lens for one end of the tube and the 5 cm lens is used for the second tube, not the same tube)

1.3. 3. Connect the tubes together. One side should fit into the other

1.4. 4. You should be able to use the telescope to see multiple things. :)

2. Objective

2.1. To build a telscope that can see multiple distances

3. Parts

3.1. 2 paper towel rolls

3.2. Superglue

3.3. Lens 30cm

3.4. Lens cm

3.5. Cardboard

3.6. Xacto Knife

4. Team Burning Ants

4.1. Carrie Ogurchak

4.2. Cory Lucas

4.3. Bethany Strader

4.4. Mike Duran