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Culture by Mind Map: Culture
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Education Reform

Public School vs Charter School

Emphasis on Humanities and Arts

Teachers Unions



Originality/Finding New Ways to Challenge Conventional Film Structures

Future of Role of the Audience

Distribution of Independent Films

Poor Quality Mainstream Films

LGBT Issues

Making schools safe for students


Marriage Equality


Homeless youth


Social Pressures

Influence of Media

Apathy of youth towards social issues and shaking them out of them out of it.


Net Neutrality

Fair and Balanced News Sources

Holding Media Accountable

Everyday Life

Making Use of Public Spaces

Transforming Urban Environments into Creative Playgrounds

Disruption of the Spectacle of Everyday Life

Moving beyond American Dream Narrative

Progressive Reforms

Fairness and Basic Human Rights to all People

Building to Make more Empathetic Civilization

Supermovement of Coalitions working in Solidarity towards common goals

Pop Culture

Bad Movies/Exploitation Films

Zombie Films

70s Sci-Fi films


Mashup style music

Folk Music, New node

Classic arena Rock


Blues/Garage Rock

Chuck Klosterman

History of CounterCulture Movements

Tv Shows, How I Met Your Mother, Angel, My So Called Life, Twin Peaks, Californication, Rescue Me, Lost, The X-Files

Books, Roberto Bolano, David Foster Wallace, Thomas Pynchon, Hunter S. Thompson, Nonfiction, Dave Eggers, Henry Miller, William S. Burroughs




New Art Forms

Street Art




Open Source References

This is important  



Lawrence Lessig

Linus Torvalds

Jon Phillips


Hacker Ethic, Sharing, Openness, Decentralization, Free access to computers (web), World Improvement


Free Culture


Creative Commons



They're awesome


I want one

Free speech


Free dissemination of information, Progress needs an open forum


Music sharing, Anti-RIAA

Playing my own music, Saxophone, Improvisation, Adapting Rock and Metal, Harmonica, Learning a new instrument

Listening, Metal, Amon Amarth, Vs. The World, Twilight of the Thunder God, Ozzy Osbourne, Blizzard of Ozz, Metallica, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, Mastodon, Blood Mountain, Tool, Aenima, Lateralus, Rock, Jimi Hendrix, Electric Ladyland, Nirvana, Nevermind, Alice in Chains, Dirt, Dropkick Murphys, Sing Loud Sing Proud, The Meanest of Times, Jazz, Duke Ellington, Wynton Marsalis, City Movement, Dave Brubeck, Classical, Orrf, Carmina Burana, O Fortuna, Wagner, The Ring Cycle, Twilight of the Gods, Holtz, The Planets, Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity, Weber, Der Freischutz


Physics, Integrating theory into artistic practice, Learning new theory to update work, Making art into experiments and vice versa

Calculus, Exercises the mind, Helps me understand abstract concepts

Art, Techniques, History of, Sculpture

Anatomy and Physiology, Using biological forms for inspiration

Learning for the sake of learning, Learn because you like it, if for nothing else.

Understanding Reality

Atheist, Empiricist, Defending against prejudice

Skeptic, Fighting anti-science, Fostering understanding of science


Personal, managing personal assets, managing money, Personal budgeting

National, Dealing with poor economy, Working in good economy


Seeing new places, Learning about new cultures, Seeing the big picture

Getting away


Cooking, Improvising food prep, Cook by taste and smell, not by rigid instruction, Exploring new kinds of cooking, Finding new ingredients to use, Cooking for myself

Eating, Finding new food, Figuring out how food is made


Because everyone needs a good laugh, Jim Gaffighan, Lewis Black, George Carlin, Dave Chappelle

Telling the truth and making it funny

Pete Ippel

Humming birds

They Make me Laugh

The sound like gargling trolls

Network Neutrality

Protocol equity


Denis (

Russian politics

Implication of vintage/classical styles/philosophies in modern art/design,


Questioning reality,,

Creating alternative perspectives/explanations of the world,



Alexander Brullov

Isaac Levitan

Orest Kiprensky

Alexander Andreyevich Ivanov

Karl Briullov

Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky

Vasily Surikov

Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky

Sylvester Shchedrin

Valentin Serov

Ilya Repin

Vasily Perov

Mikhail Nesterov

Ivan Shishkin

Fyodor Vasilyev

Vasily Vereshchagin

Mikhail Vrubel

Viktor Vasnetsov

Democratization of ideas

Finding practical implications of unusual design in everyday life



Rock and Roll music


Elvis Costello

Big Star, Alex Chilton

The Clash, "The only band that matters"

The Band


The Replacements

Glam, David Bowie, T Rex, Mott the Hoople

Pink Floyd w/ Syd Barrett

Corruption in all levels of government

Frustrating feeling of helplessness it gives me

5 Senses




My Well Being


Kurt Vonnegut, Cat's Cradle, Breakfast of Champions, God Bless You Mr. Rosewater, The Sirens of Titan, Slaughterhouse 5, Mother Night

Nelson Algren, The Man With The Golden Arm

Science Fiction, Phillip K Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, Arthur C Clarke, 2001 : A Space Odyssey

Woodward and Bernstein, All The President's Men

My computer

connection to everything, music, news, movies, tv, family





Photography, Film, Manipulation, Polaroid, Photographers, Robert Frank, E.J. Bellocq, Duane Michals

Sculpture, Ceramics, Abstract Expressionism, Peter Voulkos, Metal/Wood

Playing Music



Double Bass


Star Wars, Original Trilogy

Apocalypse Now

Back to the Future

All the President's Men

and more


Things that take effort

Serve, Grace, Free gifts, Give, Receive, Acceptance of all people, Appreciating the little things, Community Service

Family, Keeping in touch, Conceptual, (personal) Critique of my own family, Acceptance

Geography, Cultural Studies, Landscapes, Media Studies, Space, Public vs. Private, Parks/Art, Communal Spaces, Alternative Housing, Green, Communal, International Politics, Change, Cultural Change, Geology, Chemistry

Human Rights, Human Trafficking Awareness, Sex Trafficking of Minors, Portland, International, Migrant Workers, Ethical Consumerism

How I Spend Money..., Ethical Consumerism, Environment, Thrift Stores, Prudence

Living Simply, Time Management, Organization, Eating, Body, Excercise & Cycling, Meditation, Nature

Things I do naturally

Freedom of Thought, Critical of American Culture, Questions?, Stereotypes?, Cultural or natural?, Helpful or enabling?

Music, Listening, Beatles, Kinks, VU, Guitar, Writing and Theory, Debussy, Alternative Tonality

Day Dreaming, Fantasy/Escape, Creativity, Imaginary Conversations

Food, Indian, Nutrition, High protein

Religion, Hinduism, Personal Background, FOX news/suburbs/churches/television/on and on

Movies, Bergman, New node, Animation

My Computer, Internet, Video, Google, Research, Facebook, Art Work, Video Editing, FCP, AfterEffects, Digital Imaging, Photoshop, Illustrator

Throwing Away - Detachment


MLE Tallman


because sound is persistant

techno, bass, low, dubstep

bluegrass, banjo, Bela Fleck, Chad VanGaalen, hilbillies, mandolin, four strings

Punk, It's raw and angsty, reflective of an alternative lifestyle, bay area hardcore, classic British invasion stuff, Post-Punk, Noise, minor thirds

surf guitar, Dick Dale, tremolo,, Brian Wilson

tapes, New node

playing music

Classical, Vivaldi


because every letter is different

It takes more time, so it tends to be more thoughtful

graffiti, wildstyle

Fine Art

It's fun

futurist-style paintings, trippy






are not 100% the same

charater studies, I Am A Motherfucker






legal, vote


action, THE WARRIORS, i like the Deluge


2pac, For every dark night, there's a brighter day, shoot


ALL_IN_YO_FACE_PROD, movies, spike lee, School Daz


Innovative school models

Universidad de Buenos Aires

Darwinian model of academics

Harlem Children's Zone

Montessori method

The Montessori method is an approach to educating children based on the research and experiences of Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori (1870–1952). It arose essentially from Dr. Montessori's discovery of what she referred to as "the child's true normal nature" in 1907,[1] which happened in the process of her experimental observation of young children given freedom in an environment prepared with materials designed for their self-directed learning activity.


Academy of Movement and music

This is where I went to school  

The 4 E's

The Enlightenment




My Geistesblitzes


This is testing my next great idea. *Pete Ippel* Artist / Athlete / Problem Solver *Pete Ippel Studio: * ** 175 S. Ventura Avenue Studio 213 North Building Ventura, California 93001 USA *Work:* 1 234-Pete-Art *Mobile:* 1 415-425-8863 *Email:* *IM:* hypermodernart (AIM) *Linked In: *** *Hypermodern blog: *** I'm happy to know you.*The Latest: **Follow me on Twitter * See who we know in common Want a signature like this? Please consider the environmental impact before printing this email. Por favor, antes de imprimir este mensaje de correo electrónico considera el impacto ambiental.



Thank you for all the help - Thanksgiving greetings from Pete Ippel

[1]Pete Ippel Signature Logo Links: 1. Thank you. Greetings , One year ago today, after an emergency brain surgery, I was put in a section of the hospital that provided extra care for its patients. There was FALL PRECAUTION and FALL RISK...the problem was that my wrists were so skinny that it was impossible to see the text on my plastic bracelet... So in order to make the bracelet function, rather than just being a yellow band, I really wanted to cut the extra flap off... My dad spent the day looking for something to cut it off with, and we ran out of options, and I was a bit low on I helped him hold the other side of the flap, and he went at it with a nail file. We sawed and hacked through that vinyl cuff, and out came a message of inspiration... From FALL RISK to ALL RISK. I've kept that yellow and black bracelet on my arm to remind myself to tell people I love them, to keep in mind it's ok to dream about riding that bike ride in a year... To go out of my way to say thank [2]share. Links: 2. Once you learn to make choices, you're an artist. Figuring out priorities becomes clearer, and it's pretty easy to decide anything. Just look at the possibilities, and no matter who you are, or how much you plan (which helps a lot!) the unexpected happens...embrace's ALL RISK. ‽ I take the question marks in my life and bend them into exclamation points. I am the human [3]interrobang. Links: 3. DOWNLOAD [4]ALLRISK LOGO and share [5]the story with friends and loved ones. Links: 4. 5. In closing, I really must reiterate how incredible it feels to be actively making my dreams a reality. This is in part your story. Thank you for your interest in my work, and your continued support. I made this video for you. Pete Ippel Studio Thank You1 likes516 views I am dedicated to learning every day and I am committed to making the best art at every possible moment. I take much inspiration from the fact that: "There are no failures, only feedback...There are no mistakes, only outcomes" -Thom Hartman Have a wonderful day. All my best, Pete P.S. Pop on over to [6]Facebook and tell me how you feel about ALLRISK, art, or anything else you'd like to share. I value comments on [7] as well and will respond promptly. Links: 6. 7. P.P.S. Ventura is a great place to appreciate art, check out the other [8]FREE art events in Ventura, County on the First Friday of each month. All Risk AvatarAll Risk Logo[9] Pete Ippel 535 followers 2,269 tweets following 899 people follow Links: 1. _Latest Tweets_ * I gave @jestelle +K about Technology on @klout * @alexknowshtml Philly always comes to mind when you say "cheesesteak", "creamcheese", "Rocky" or lyrics: "West Philadelphia born and raised"7:30PM * @alexknowshtml Density of Flyers fans?7:19PM * @alexknowshtml Density.7:18PM * @giftgoodnessfwd Absolutely. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon too, Jumi. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. :-)6:59PM Links: 8. 9. Share this email Contact Pete Pete Ippel - 175 S. Ventura Ave. Unit 213 Ventura, California 93001 Why two websites? My interests are diverse and I use as framework for every aspect of my life from athletics to politics, environmentalism to philosophy. The purpose of is to showcase expression and research influenced by technology, specifically contemporary artist video, photography, drawing, writing, and installation. succeeds in its bredth, depth, and complexity, while succeeds in it's simplicity. has the sole purpose to display selected artwork and art related events. Artist Statement: For more than a decade I have explored and combined traditional art materials with digital techniques demonstrating creative fluency. By moving with ease and grace through a variety of media, I focus on communicating ideas and I gain knowledge in the process. I work intuitively and iteratively when creating art and often apply scientific methodology to my art practice with the rigor of a seasoned athlete. By observing human behavior, asking generative questions, and analyzing information, I experience daily how a disciplined process leads to comprehension of complex data and ideas. I use my artistic sensibility to present my findings in unique and compelling ways. I appreciate the interdisciplinary nature of the artist's life. I aspire to travel, to teach, and to create while extending my exhibition record. Being nourished creatively while partaking in a challenging path is a delight, and I particularly relish learning along the way. Art is the most practical, essential, and exciting field of work in the world today, and I look forward to sharing it with you. Check out my website, come by the studio, buy your own piece. I guarantee that you will have never seen anything like my art before. 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David Muslimov


history,, New node, New node,,,,,,,,

Double Vision; Seeing all Sides Quintessially; Contact Me For Details

A Word, Even an Idea or Work of Art, Is a Representation/Bastardization of 'Some Thing Or Rather', So there-fore This Node is About The Abstract, Ambiguous Thick Mixed Delicious Dish; Forever Devotee of The No-thing [Matters] (etc x etc x ∞ x! ),,,,,,,,,,, "...never finished a painting or a poem..."


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