K. Von Wild, Germany

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K. Von Wild, Germany by Mind Map: K. Von Wild, Germany

1. Commentator

1.1. Billions of EUR spent on studies of pharmacological effects in RCT's

1.2. Not that much money spent on neuro rehabilitations

1.3. Neuro-epistemology:

1.3.1. rct's are he gold standard in neurorehabilitation?

1.3.2. Cultural differences

1.3.3. Religions

1.3.4. Believes

1.3.5. Ask patients whom have a spinal cord injury what they want first sexual reproduction? mobility?

1.4. Neurosurgery

1.4.1. move from macroscopic to microscopic

1.4.2. progress made by understanding by understanding physiology, anatomy, reintegration

1.5. Shift of focus

1.5.1. respect external validity

1.5.2. respect social and cultural aspects

1.5.3. Social re-entry

1.5.4. Look at the individual patient evaluate what happens in the cohort take a the best possible decision

2. Meeting notes by

2.1. Paul de Roos

2.1.1. www.twitter.com/paulderoos

2.1.2. www.paulderoos.com

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2.3. Meeting

2.3.1. Controversies in Neurology Linkt to website

2.3.2. Meeting Overview mindmap Link to mindmap