Community Living Ontario

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Community Living Ontario by Mind Map: Community Living Ontario


1.1. Advocates for people who have an intellectual disability to be fully included in all aspects of community life

1.2. Non-profit, provincial organizaition

1.3. Started in 1953

1.4. Belongs to a world-wide advocacy network called Inclusion International

1.5. Represents 107 local Community Living associations across Ontario

1.6. Has over 12 000 members across the province

1.7. Is part of the Canadian Association for Community Living


2.1. √ All people have the opportunity and freedom to contribute to, and participate in, their communities through political and religious expression, voluntarism, leisure activities and in other ways

2.2. √ All people live with a sense of security and freedom

2.3. √ All children are nurtured within the family and, because of this, enjoy the benefits of family life

2.4. √ All children go with their neighbourhood friends to their neighbourhood schools where they grow and learn together


3.1. Develops positions on progressive social policy and advocates for social change that addresses issues of poverty, powerlesssness and exclusion

3.2. Stands with and supports our local Associations, families and people who have an intellectual disability in achieving the Goal

3.3. Provides ways for members of local Associations, their employees, and other allies and supporters to engage and work together in order to enhance the collective voice and share the collective knowledge and best practices


4.1. A legislative framework for supported decision-making that will ensure people with disabilities have the support they need to enjoy legal capacity on an equal basis with other in all aspects of life

4.2. EnhanceD employment training and real work opportunities

4.3. IncreaseD resources and supports that facilitate improved healthy living and inclusion

4.4. Integrations Action Group for Inclusive Education and Community

4.5. Increased inclusive education and training recources to support personal choice, control, well-being and inclusion


5.1. Special Services at Home Provincial Coalition

5.2. Equitable income security strategy

5.3. Family Alliance

5.4. Individualized Funding Coalition


6.1. "That all persons live in a state of dignity, share in all elements of living in the community, and have the opportunity to participate effectively"

6.2. Advocates for, promotes and facilitates the full participation, inclusion and citizenship of people who have an intellectual disabilty

6.3. Community Living Ontario will:

6.4. √ Create and respond to opportunities for networking, actively supporting and partnering with those who share the same vision

6.5. √ Provide expertise, resources, information and education

6.6. √ Develop positions and promote positive change in public policy