Chapters 8 & 9

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Chapters 8 & 9 by Mind Map: Chapters 8 & 9



1.1.1. Women that are unable to have children are deem incomplete.

1.1.2. To be a "real woman" in Egypt one must have children, no matter the social class.

1.1.3. Women often willing cover up their husbands' infertility.

1.1.4. Females pass the age of 40 have a very slim chance at becoming pregnant through IVF/ICSI. Where as, a male can.

1.2. MALE

1.2.1. Men masculine identities come into question when the wife does not become pregnant.

1.2.2. Male infertility is a profoundly emasculating and demoralizing condition for Egyptian men.

1.2.3. Males normally put the blame of infertility on the females, when in most cases it's not the female at fault.

1.2.4. Males can get help with their infertility problem pass the age of 40 and become successful.


1.3.1. Infertility affects the quality of married couples.

1.3.2. Infertility in a man may elicit a wife's sympathy and protectiveness. Or it may lead women to assume marital power and authority in ways that are threatening to men in a male dominant society.

1.3.3. Love is expected to to emerge after marriage.

1.3.4. Marriages in Egypt are deemed inherently fragile and unstable until the birth of children is achieved.

1.3.5. Divorce among infertile Egyptian couples are rare due to the cost and difficult process.


2.1. Mostly the women suffer then the stigma then a men.

2.2. Even if the Egyptian man is hopelessly infertile, it is the woman who is reminded of her childlessness.

2.2.1. Childlessness Egyptian women are the most powerfully discriminated against.

2.2.2. Childlessness Egyptian women may envy other women that can have children. Some give "evil-eye", wishing illness, and death on a child.

2.2.3. Fears that infertile women will spoil other women pregnancies or cause children to fall ill may lead to community ostracism.

2.3. Infertile woman would avoid situations and celebrations where children are present because their presents make others uncomfortable.

2.4. Couples try to avoid untoward gossip as much as possible.

2.5. Top secret stigma is surround by shame, paranoia, fear, dishonesty, and elaborate cover-ups.

2.6. Many couples worry about the future stigmatization of their children.

2.7. Stigma support is unlikely in Egypt due to the disclosure of private problems.