A Scrum Master checklist

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A Scrum Master checklist by Mind Map: A Scrum Master checklist

1. Relax

1.1. The top of the Product Backlog is ready for Sprint.

1.2. The Product Owner has an up to date Product Backlog.

1.3. The Product Owner frequently checks if the Product Backlog reflects the wishes of the stakeholders.

1.4. The stakeholders participate in the Sprint Review.

1.5. The stakeholders attend the Sprint Review.

1.6. Team members address each other on behavior.

1.7. The Development Team makes decisions about the development strategy.

1.8. The Scrum Team co-creates with stakeholders to refine the items on the Product Backlog.

1.9. All team members contribute to the team events.

1.10. The team finishes Sprint Backlog items before picking up new backlog item.

1.11. If a problem occurs. All team members take responsibility to solve the problem

1.12. The team uses the most effective way of communication: just talk, above calling, above chat, above mail, above reports.

1.13. The Development Team designs all solutions to reach the sprint goal.

1.14. The Development Team designs solutions to develop the product backlog items

1.15. Team members collaborate to finish a single task.

1.16. All team members pick up any task, regardless their specialism.

1.17. All team members develop skills outside their specialism.

1.18. All team members develop skills within their specialism.

1.19. During the Sprint the Development Team co-creates the product increment.

1.20. To clarify the Product Backlog items, the team collaborates with the stakeholders

1.21. There is a shared understanding of the Definition of Done

1.22. At any moment during sprint there is a shared understanding about the plan how to reach the sprint goal

1.23. The DOD reflects the current way of working

2. Take action

2.1. Team members wait on the Scrum Master to start the daily scrum

2.2. Team members wait on the Scrum Master to attend an event.

2.3. Communication or meetings to clarify or solve a problem only happens on the Scrum Masters initiative.

2.4. Team members wait for the Scrum Master to fix their problem.

2.5. The sprint review is conducted by the Scrum Master only.

2.6. At the end of the sprint there is still undone work

2.7. During development the user stories appear to be significant smaller or bigger than expected.

2.8. Team members pick up task that are not part of the sprint.

2.9. The Product Owner changes his wishes during the sprint for the current sprint

2.10. The Product Owner is clarifying each user story in detail.

2.11. The Product Owner is the only source used to clarify the backlog items

2.12. The sprint has no goal

2.13. Business value is not clear

2.14. The team members adress problems, without taking further actions

2.15. The development team expect that the Product Owner checks the delivered items complies to the Definition of Done

2.16. The development team and the Product Owner waits until the review to accept the developed product backlog item

2.17. Team members pick their own task,not what is best for the team. (cherry picking)

2.18. A single team member designs a solution for a problem. (hero behaviour)

2.19. The Scrum Master does nothing other than chasing and fixing impediments

2.20. There is a different understanding of the Definition of Done within the Scrum Team

2.21. The Definition of done is changed to avoid impediments

3. If a signal appears: once... it's an accidence twice... it's a coincidence three times ... it's a pattern