Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

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Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre by Mind Map: Southwest Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre

1. SOAHAC's Values

1.1. - Respect for all - Compassion - Quality in health promotion and care - Honouring all traditional values

2. Future Use

2.1. Aside from family programs the SOAHAC provides counseling and service to children facing mental health issues All professional members of the clinic are trained in mental health. They must take a course when they apply to work at the clinic.

3. SOAHAC's Mission

3.1. To empower Aboriginal families and individuals to live a balanced state of well-being by promoting holistic health practices

4. Contact Us

4.1. All are welcome to visit one of the Centres for more information or phone them to set up an appointment. Those who wish to work at the Centres must undergo a Cultural course to learn the way of the Aboriginal peoples before offering their services in the clinic.

5. What is an Aboriginal Health Access Centre?

5.1. AHACs are innovative, Aboriginal specific, indigenous informed health are agencies

5.2. They provide a combination of health and social services to First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities

5.2.1. Services include - Traditional Healing - Primary Health Care - Cultural programs - Community development initiatives - Social support services

6. Services and Programs for students and families

6.1. - Mental Health and Addiction services for Children and Youth - Diabetes Education Services - Traditional Healthy Lifestyles - Traditional Healing - Mental Health Services for Adults - Maternal Child Health Nutrition - Clinical services