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1. Why

1.1. The Flourishing of Atlanta – We are the only organization of its kind in the Atlanta area.

1.2. Core Values

1.2.1. • Cultural and Socioeconomic Diversity • Giftedness and Purpose of Every Person • Cooperation • Restoration of People and Communities

2. Events

3. What

3.1. MISSION STATEMENT: Terminus Collective exists to organize and equip leaders for the flourishing of Atlanta through the integration of faith, industry, and community.

3.1.1. Faith and Economic Stewardship – We work to advance a healthy theological framework for “Christian work” on Sunday & on Monday.

3.1.2. Faith and Civic Stewardship – We work to advance a healthy theological framework for the Christian’s role as a member of a civic community.

3.1.3. We Promise... Encouragement: All feel welcome and part of a larger team that, together, is reaching their God-given potential in all areas of life Fulfillment: The happiness and peace that come when we gain a holistic understanding of our role in the world Ownership: Of our communities—including its opportunities and challenges—when we understand how the Gospel is advanced through man-made institutions

4. Who

4.1. POSITION STATEMENT: Terminus Collective is a diverse network of Christians organizing to serve Atlanta through vocational and civic stewardship.

4.1.1. People Affiliate Churches Individuals / Leaders Staff

4.1.2. Characteristics • Christian • Civic-minded but not partisan • Enlightening but not elitist • Optimistic and solutions-oriented • Inspired by diverse talents and perspectives • Approachable

4.1.3. Vantage Point Multicultural – We provide a space for relationship-building between members of different ethnic, racial, economic, and other backgrounds. Coordinated Action – We provide a space to gather, organize, and activate members of our work and worship communities for efforts to elevate Atlanta.

5. Contact Us

5.1. Message

5.2. Map

6. Resources