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Parts of a Computer by Mind Map: Parts of a Computer
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Parts of a Computer


A keyboard is a type of input device.

A keyboard inputs the letters, numbers, and symblos into the computer.


A monitor is not only an input device but it is also an outout device. it is both because you can take information out of it but you can also put information into it.

The monitor is the screne of the computer it shows you what you are doing.


The Term CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.

The CPU both input and output because you can input information into it but you can also take information out of it.

The CUP is also known as the brain of the computer.


A mouse is an input device.

It allows you to direct what to you are doing inside the computer.


Speakers are an output device.

It only allows you to project sound out of them not into them.

Hedset & Microphone

This device is both input and output device.

Useing this device you are able to input sound through the microphone and you are able to project sound out through the head set part.


A scanner is an input device.

Useing this device you are able to input a copy of something intou your computer.


This is an output device.

This device is used to print work that you have created on the computer. In other words it takes thing out.

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