World Campus New Student Orientation

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World Campus New Student Orientation by Mind Map: World Campus New Student Orientation

1. Academic Structure of Penn State

2. Welcome to World Campus

2.1. Orientation Video

2.2. Military Video

2.3. New Student webinar

2.4. New Student Orientation Prezi

2.5. Webinars About Your Major

2.6. FAQ video

3. What You Should Know About Online Learning

3.1. How online courses work

3.2. How online learning works

3.3. What makes a successful online learner

3.4. Assessment of Readiness for Online Learning

3.5. Are your expectations about college realistic?

3.6. ANGEL

3.7. eLion

4. The Essential Parts of Your Penn State Degree

4.1. What makes up your Penn State degree?

4.2. How to choose a gen ed

4.3. What you need to know about transfer credits

4.4. Understand Your Degree Audit

4.5. Learn about required placement testing

5. Who's Responsible? Adviser and Student Roles

5.1. Responsibilities of an adviser

5.2. Responsibilities of a student

5.3. Preparing for an advising session

5.4. Academic Integrity

6. Registration and Student Aid

6.1. Academic Calendar

6.2. Registration

6.3. Student Aid

7. Penn State Student Resources

7.1. Important Offices at Penn State

7.2. Important Penn State Websites (Quick Links)

7.3. How to get connected

7.4. Clubs and Organizations

7.5. Penn State-ology

8. Academic Support

8.1. World Campus HelpDesk and Information Technology Services (ITS) at Penn State

8.2. eTutoring

8.3. Career Counseling

8.4. Library resources

9. Study Skills

9.1. Test taking

9.2. Test preparation

9.3. Test anxiety

9.4. Note taking

9.5. Reading comprehension

9.6. Time management