Autism Ontario

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Autism Ontario by Mind Map: Autism Ontario

1. Vision: Acceptance and opportunities for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Mission: To ensure that each individual with ASD is provided the means to achieve quality of life as a respected member of society.

1.1. 6 Key Areas of Focus

1.1.1. Advocacy and Support

1.1.2. Research

1.1.3. Best Practices

1.1.4. Government Relations

1.1.5. Public Awareness

1.1.6. Governance

2. Cultural Diversity

2.1. Autism Ontario celebrates World Autism Awareness Day which is about spreading the understanding that people all over the world have autism, and that is something that exists across culture and language boundaries

2.2. The organization makes it clear, ASD crosses all cultural, ethnic, geographic and socioeconomic boundaries.

2.3. Local chapters of the group have events and programs tailored specifically to the needs of culturally diverse individuals. For example, next week the Toronto chapter is having a Chinese parent support group, so that parents of children with autism may have conversations with others in their own language, because autism does not have a cultural/linguistic barrier!

3. Programs and Services

3.1. Has an expensive amount of programs and events for those how have autism and for those family members have autism; from family, support groups, social groups and clubs, music programs, sports programs, and group outings. These programs take place across Ontario.

3.2. Many services are specifically for teens/adults with autism to access themselves, and not just resources for parents and educators. These resources include information on transitions and planning for the future.

3.3. Workplace training programs to help break employment barriers for those with autism, meaning training and resources for people with autism as well as employers.

3.4. Provides information on post secondary programs, and funding options, for people with autism.

3.5. Calypso - Camp experiences for children with autism

3.6. Many services are available online or can easily be registered for online.