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360 Kids by Mind Map: 360 Kids

1. Vision Goals

2. Other Info.

3. How are programs accessed?

4. Services and Programs for Students/Families

5. Equity, Inclusion, Awareness of Cultural Diversity

6. “To help isolated and vulnerable children, youth and families in our community, to overcome adversity and crisis and to move to a state of safety, stability and well-being"

7. Vision: Creating communities where every kid matters, and feels safe, supported and loved

8. After School Programs Gr 1-6 at various school locations

9. Counselling

10. Family Programs

11. Home Base Youth Drop Ins

12. Employment Programs (for youth)

13. Programs are created to allow any youth or children in need regardless of cultural diversity or language barrier

14. after school programs are accessible to all and special needs/assistance is available if needed

15. Inclusion of all children and youth is a key component of 360 kids, building a community where families and youth can drop in at any time

16. Programs can be accessed through the Richmond Hill drop in centre

17. Specific registration programs like after school and family programs can be accessed through 360 kids website

18. There are various schools and locations across York Region where programs can be accessed

19. The Richmond Hill Drop In Centre is being renovated and will be opening spring 2016 to accommodate youth housing, apartments, and a larger drop in centre

20. There are charitable events year round to support programming, and donations are always welcome to support at risk youth and kids