Defending North America

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Defending North America by Mind Map: Defending North America

1. Canada's Role in Cuban Missile Crisis

2. The Scrapping of the Avro Arrow

2.1. For:

3. Canada's Acceptance of Nuclear Weapons in 1963

4. For:

4.1. The Avro Arrow was one of the best aircraft during that period of time.

4.1.1. It was an opportunity for the Canadian to establish their country as a technological leader. But, unfortunately, Canadian lost their opportunity. Canada scrapped the Avro Arrow in favor of carrying Bomrac Missiles The existing planes were cut up for scrap and most of the Avro Arrow's designers, and engineers moved to the United States of America from Canada.

5. Against

5.1. Diefenbaker government cancelled the Avro Arrow Project in 1958

5.1.1. Senior American Officials conspired to kill the project Finkel and Conrad stated that the Avro Arrow cost 6 times more to produce than its American In fact, not even the Canadian Air Force, wanted to by the Avro Arrow.

6. For:

6.1. Canada's NORAD, was intended to provide unconditional support for its "policies."

6.1.1. Prime Minister, Diefenbaker was trying to defend Canada's independence. Surprisingly, many Canadians disagreed to Prime Minister Diefenbaker, according to a poll that was later showed, about 80% of Canadians disagreed, many of the Canadians changed their opinions, and began to favor nuclear weapons. After the Canadians were disagreeing with Prime Minister Diefenbaker, the Canadian Troops were on alert, but damage to Canada and United States of America relations had already been done.

7. Against:

7.1. Diefenbaker also refused to put Canada's NORAD forces in alert or allow United States of America planes to with atomic weapons land on Canadian bases.

7.1.1. Also, Prime Minister, Diefenbaker, didn't believe the United States of America photographs and asked that the United States of America send a fact-finding mission to Cuba instead. Also, Prime Minister Diefenbaker was relucant to have Canada drawn into a major conflict that seemed largely rooted in the United States of America policy and interests.

8. For:

8.1. The United States of America felt Canada should accept nuclear weapons to fulfill its role in the NORAD and NATO.

8.1.1. The Conservatives government decided to produce Bomarc missile from the United States of America. Also, during "Avro Arrow scrapping". Canada had agreed to accept United States of America Bomrac missiles, which were capable of carrying nuclear warheads. The Prime Minister Diefenbaker and the Conservative party appealed the Canadian nationalism, including Canada's right to decide for itself on international matters.

9. Against:

9.1. Prime Minister, Diefenbaker and the Conservative Party favored no nuclear participation and anti-american sentiments emerged.

9.1.1. The Minister of External affairs felt Canada should be a non-nuclear nation. Also, the defence minister insisted that nuclear weapons were vital in protecting Canada against communist aggression.

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