Narcissus and Echo

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Narcissus and Echo by Mind Map: Narcissus and Echo

1. Narcissus

1.1. Beautiful

1.1.1. Many girs, including Echo, fell in love with him.

1.2. Conceited

1.2.1. He did not care about them, only himself.

1.3. No Romantic Interest

1.3.1. He was not interested and harshly rejected them.

1.4. Vain

1.4.1. When he saw himself in the water, he fell in love with himself. When he was unable to touch his reflection in the water, he killed himself with a dagger. The Narcissus flower grew where his blood had soaked the ground.

2. Zeus

2.1. Cheated on Hera

2.1.1. Hera took away Echo's voice

3. Echo

3.1. Talkative

3.1.1. Lost her voice.

3.2. Impulsive

3.2.1. Threw herself at Narcissus

3.3. In love

3.3.1. Languished until only her voice remained.

4. Ameinius

4.1. Admired Narcissus

4.1.1. Tried to prove his adoration for him. Killed himself when rejected.

5. Artemis

5.1. Fulfilled Ameinius's wishes and punished Narcissus.

5.1.1. Caused Narcissus to fall in love with himself.