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Andres Aguilera Browsers 2010 by Mind Map: Andres Aguilera Browsers
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Andres Aguilera Browsers 2010

Define: Browser

Opera 10.63


Opera 10.63 has ran the best in the Sun spider benchmark test with the lowest score.

Have their own email client and rss, so no need to use another email client like Outlook, Thunderbird and other


slower when using multiple pages runing scrips.

To update it should download the master files again

Google Chrome 7


allows the user to see the most resent web sites visited.

fast lightwight and capable.


Sometimes a picture of an ad in KASKUS prefer not appear

Needs work on xhtlm5

Apple Safari5


did fine in canvas Feature.

Did second best in the sunspider benchmark test when compared to the other browsers.


No Support for the Feture Elements by class name.

Needs help with foreign content

Mozilla Firefox 4


although the other browsers use Html auto fill Fire Fox has is the best in that function.

Has a strong security system.


Loading a long time began to start, especially if a lot of adds-on that is installed

Could do better when it comes to video



IE9 scored the best in comparisons to the other browsers in compliance tests in the features canvas, video, and xhtml5

IE9 scored the best in The FPS test.


IE9 is lacking in the feature get elements by class name compared to the other browsers.

IE9 has not yet profected the Canvas feature.



scored close to 4000 in the sun spider benchmark test. the lower the better and IE8 has the highest score.

IE8 had the worst scores in the FPS test with shows how many frames per second can be shown on screen.


All sources must be from October/Nov 2010; minimum 5 sources, collaborative effort

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