Marisol Duran Browsers 2010

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Marisol Duran Browsers 2010 by Mind Map: Marisol Duran  Browsers 2010

1. Define: Browser

2. Opera

2.1. Pros:

2.1.1. Excellent download, search engine and pop-up blocker

2.1.2. Meets 21 features compared to Chrome and Firefox

2.2. Cons:

2.2.1. Poor Navigation

2.2.2. The menus can be difficult

3. Google Chrome

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. With a perfect score for compliance with four features

3.1.2. In comparison with Opera and Firefox it supports features: download management, spell check, audio updater, pop-up blocker.

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. Compared to it biggest competitor (Firefox) it doesn't have many extensions.

3.2.2. Privacy, since it is run by google

4. Apple Safari

4.1. Pros:

4.1.1. You can use the browser for the IPhone, Ipad.

4.1.2. In comparison with Chrome and Beta

4.2. Cons:

4.2.1. Suporting the lowest HTML5 compliance level of all browsers.

4.2.2. The worst HTML5 supporter

5. Mozilla Firefox

5.1. Pros:

5.1.1. Default download folder, a separate download, and the ability to delete, view or clear all downloads.

5.1.2. Supports a wide of different web standards

5.2. Cons:

5.2.1. Clutter

5.2.2. Will use up a lot of memory when plug-ins are running

6. Explorer9

6.1. Pros:

6.1.1. Internet Explorer 9 has overcome Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari in terms of HTML5

6.1.2. Allow websites to run smoother and faster in your browser

6.2. Cons:

6.2.1. You need to have one of the three following operating systems: Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7

6.2.2. Failure to embrace modern technologies

7. Explorer8

7.1. Cons:

7.1.1. Still flags behind when compared to the other browsers.

7.1.2. Little support for the now

8. Sources

8.1. All sources are from October/Nov 2010

8.1.1. Shorten your URLs at the following link:







9. A software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web.