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Unbreakable Website by Mind Map: Unbreakable Website

1. About

1.1. Header Image of Unbreakable Wall Graffiti (In Drive)

1.2. Unbreakable Gym Description (I need to edit description)

1.3. Founder 1 - Jay Glazer (Both Bio and Picture in Drive)

1.4. Founder 2 - Brian Urlacher (Picture in Drive, Bio from Wikipedia)

1.5. Founder 3 - Lindsey Berg (Picture in Drive, Bio from Wikipedia)

2. Performance Training

2.1. Athletes

2.1.1. Again I will provide the text but this is the section that explains the amazing type of training that Unbreakable does for professional athletes and how that helps them become better athletes

2.1.2. Cross promotion: MMA: Athletes

2.1.3. Cross promotion: Specialized Equipment

2.1.4. Social Proof Section: Results Athletes have had

2.1.5. Lead: Get a complimentary training session

2.2. Premier

2.2.1. This is the page dedicated to selling the 'Executive' programs to attract celebrities and high net worth individuals. I will provide the text but otherwise, the image is tagged in the drive for the header

2.2.2. Social Proof Section: Articles written, quotes or images of celebrities

2.2.3. Lead: Get a complimentary personal training session

2.3. Group Training

2.3.1. Performance Training Bootcamps that combine the experience Athletes and Premier clients receive in a group setting.

2.3.2. Pricing

2.3.3. Lead: Schedule on the calendar

2.4. Specialized Equipment

2.4.1. Surge360

2.4.2. Soaring

2.4.3. reACT Trainer

2.4.4. .

2.4.5. .

3. MMA

3.1. Athletes

3.1.1. Explaining the process and benefits of MMA cross training for Professional Athletes in Combination with Performance Training

3.1.2. Social proof section: Videos/Pictures of other athletes training and the level of coaches that coach there as well as athletes that train there (Chuck Lidell, Randy Couture, etc.)

3.1.3. Lead: Schedule a complimentary private training session

3.2. Striking

3.2.1. Explaining the pedigree of Striking coaches and benefits of individualized MMA training for clients

3.2.2. Social proof section (same as above)

3.2.3. Lead: Schedule a complimentary private training session

3.3. Group Lessons

3.3.1. Same as above in group setting

3.3.2. Pricing

3.3.3. Lead: Schedule a class on calendar

4. Medicine

4.1. Physician Services

4.1.1. IV & PRP Treatments

4.1.2. Pricing

4.1.3. Lead: Schedule an appointment with the Doctor

4.2. Physical Therapy

4.2.1. Cryotherapy, Laser, Trigger Point Therapy, Normatec

4.2.2. Pricing

4.2.3. Social Proof Section for therapies

4.2.4. Lead: Schedule an appointment

5. Partners

5.1. A visual combination of all current partners

6. Press & Media

6.1. Press and Media

6.1.1. Entradas de blog

7. Wall of Fame

7.1. Includes Images of celebrities and famous athletes who have attended Unbreakable gym

8. Contact

8.1. Unbreakable Gym image

8.2. Days & Hours of Operation

8.3. Contact form

8.4. Map

9. Footer

9.1. Trainers

9.1.1. Will include a picture, a bio and social media links for all trainers

9.2. Faq

9.3. Careers

10. Home

10.1. Hero Slider

10.1.1. Terry Crews image with Video "Best Gym in the World"

10.1.2. Yahoo Sports (image?) "Most Elite Gym in America"

10.1.3. Men's Health (image?) "One of the Best Gyms in the World"

10.2. Unbreakable 5 Pillars

10.2.1. 1. Our Gym Is Your Personal Oasis

10.2.2. 2. Hard on Muscles / Easy on Joints

10.2.3. 3. No Pain, More Gain

10.2.4. 4. Loose Hips & Core

10.2.5. 5. Our Trainers are your Family

10.3. Where we are

10.3.1. Coach speaking engagements in the near future (to establish industry authority of Unbreakable coaches)

10.4. Contributions

10.4.1. This section is the blog

10.5. "As Seen On" Social Proof Section

10.6. "Partners" Section