My Food Influences

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My Food Influences by Mind Map: My Food Influences

1. physiological influences

1.1. it depends on what it looks like or if you had it before and you didn't like it then you wouldn't like it and probably wouldn't eat it.

1.1.1. ex. food allergies or what your body needs to survive.

1.1.2. foods that help you loose wait if your on a diet, salads, dietary drinks.

2. cultural influences

2.1. when your ancestors came over from a different country then what some of the big meals they ate then you might eat that meal to.

2.1.1. ex. if your family celebrates your ancestors by eating some of the meals they ate every once in a while.

2.1.2. personal example. having your family celebrate some traditions, birthdays.

3. social influences

3.1. if you went over to someone's else's place and then your friend says that they don't like it then automatically that person also wouldn't like it.

3.1.1. ex. if your family or friends don't like some foods then that affects what you think about the foods.

3.1.2. if you see someone famous advertising some kind of food that looks amazing then you will end up wanting it.

4. food availability

4.1. it would depend on the place you buy the food or if its the right season to buy that kind of food and if you wanted to buy locally you would have to wait for the right season.

4.1.1. ex. were you eat or buy your food.

4.1.2. personal example. it depends on where you are at that place or time when you buy the food. tue4w

5. phychological influences

5.1. people want to eat food that taste good and have it make them feel good when they eat it and if it looks nice then you would want to eat it.

5.1.1. ex. how you feel when you eat the food emotionally or for how creative you are when you make the food .

5.1.2. personal example. to have the food make you feel better when you eat it.