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Marvin Minsky by Mind Map: Marvin Minsky

1. Personal Life

1.1. Born on August 9, 1927

1.2. His father was Henry (Eye surgeon)

1.3. His mother was Fannie (Zionist affairs activist)

1.4. He married with Dr. Gloria Rudsih with which he had three childrens

1.5. "He enjoyed posing philosophical "riddles" such as "In science, one can learn the most by studying what seems the least""

1.6. Die on January 24,2016 of a cerebral hemorrhage (really close to present )

2. Studies an knowledge

2.1. "Was an American cognitive scientist in the field of artificial intelligence(AI)"

2.2. Attend to The fielstones school and the Bronx high school of science in New York.

2.3. Also assist to Philips Academy in Massachusetts, he served on the US Navy and he held a BA in math from Harvard University and a PhD in math from Princeton.

2.4. He wrote the book "Perceptrons" with Seymour Papert which became the foundational work in the analysis of AI neural networks.

2.5. He also was a improvisional pianist who publish about connections between psychology and music.

3. He, the AI and his inventions

3.1. He assist to a conference in which the field of AI research was founded and he and other people like Allen Newell and Herbet Simon became the leaders in AI reseach for the next decades.

3.2. Him, his partners and their students wrote inovating programs that were capable to:

3.2.1. Solve algebraic problems

3.2.2. Winning at chekers

3.2.3. Speak in english

3.2.4. Prove logical theorems

3.3. He create the first neural networwork simulator (SNARK) on the 1970´s

3.4. He invent the first head-mounted graphical display on 1963 and the confocal microscope in 1957.

3.5. All the founders of AI were very optimistic with the future of this field and they were in the thruth because in nowadays AI is found almost in every single software like:

3.5.1. Games

3.5.2. In windows 10 with Cortana

3.5.3. On speking bots like cleverbot or boibot

3.5.4. Also in the physical world with robots like Asimo from Honda