JR's food influences

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JR's food influences by Mind Map: JR's food influences

1. Physiological Influences

1.1. what is best for your body.

1.2. personal EX. I wont eat a lot of junk food at one time.

1.3. EX. if a food makes someone sick they will stop eating it.

2. Cultural Influences

2.1. food from your background

2.2. personal EX .I eat German food because im german.

2.3. EX. people will probably like and eat food from there culture.

3. Psychological Influences

3.1. pertaining to the mind or to mental phenomena as the subject matter of psychology.

3.2. personal EX. I hate eating fish because when i was little i was sick when i had it.

3.3. EX. if someone thinks something smells gross they wont eat it.

4. Social Influences

4.1. when someone changes someone else's perspective on a subject.

4.2. personal EX. I found out how hotdogs are made and now I don't eat them.

4.3. EX. if the news says something bad about a food, there is a likely chance people will not eat that food again.

5. food Availability

5.1. what you have available to you.

5.2. personal EX,. I eat a lot of caned soup because I have a lot of that.

5.3. EX. if someone has little of a item then they wont eat it that often