Community Engaged Design

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Community Engaged Design by Mind Map: Community Engaged Design

1. Design Tenants

1.1. Build From the Bottom Up!

1.1.1. Metrics Student Participation & Voice Family/Community involvement Healthy Ecology

1.1.2. Program Student Government/planning encourage student civic engagement Increase teacher rentention Create a Bio-philic envrionment Create healthy soils Use healthy building materials

1.2. Grow Community

1.2.1. Metrics Community (parent) participation Holistic Child Education

1.2.2. Program Life Long Learning Opportunities Welfare parent education Outdoor learning Experiential play

1.3. Sinks & Sources

1.3.1. Metrics Food Systems Transportation Resource Management Natural Paterns Energy Uses Ecosystem Services

1.3.2. Program Recycling Composting Growing, cooking, eating and selling of food. Alternative energy options Rainwater Collection

1.4. Communication & Collaboration

1.4.1. Metrics School District involvement Community business partners Non-profit organizations Government agencies

1.4.2. Program Operational transparency Guest Speakers Field Trips Community Engagement