Coral Reef Ecosystems

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Coral Reef Ecosystems by Mind Map: Coral Reef Ecosystems

1. Coral Bleaching

1.1. causes

1.1.1. global warming

1.1.2. land based pollution

1.2. effect on local marine life

1.2.1. decline of species diversity

1.2.2. changes in coral community

1.3. reversal

1.3.1. conservation efforts by gov. agencies

1.3.2. reduce green house gasses

1.3.3. watershed management dealing with land based pollution

2. The Decline of Coral Reef Ecosystems

2.1. causes

2.1.1. over fishing

2.1.2. pollution

2.1.3. coastal development

2.2. effect on local marine life

2.2.1. population decline

2.2.2. algae overgrowth

2.3. reversal

2.3.1. conservation efforts by gov and non gov agencies

2.3.2. coral regrowth in labs and coral farms

3. Fragility of Coral Reef Ecosystems

3.1. causes

3.1.1. global aquarium trade

3.1.2. destructive fishing methods

3.1.3. unsustainable tourism

3.2. effect on local marine life

3.2.1. loss of species

3.2.2. overpopulation of damaging species

3.3. reversal

3.3.1. recycle everything and every thing

3.3.2. conserve water

3.3.3. don't use chemically enhanced pesticides

3.3.4. use only organic fertilizers