PGDE Programmes

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PGDE Programmes by Mind Map: PGDE Programmes

1. Practicum

1.1. Knowledge

1.1.1. Personal Strengths and Weaknesses. Strengths: Diligence, positive attitude, good interaction. Weaknesses: Classroom management, movement in class.

1.1.2. Pupil Diversity Students come from varied backgrounds. Well-to-do Lower SES Heartlanders

1.1.3. Social Context Parents are generally supportive as stakeholders. The school seeks to work together with stakeholders. Accountability is ensured.

1.1.4. Subject Content Need to improve on delivery of technicals such as grammer.

1.1.5. Pedagogy The need for clearer instructions.

1.1.6. Policy The move away from results focus to all-rounded holistic development.

1.1.7. Curriculum The focus on developing technical language skills of the child.

1.2. Skills

1.2.1. Reflective and Thinking Classroom management problems Sustaining interest Hot weather

1.2.2. Pedagogy Breaking up concepts into bite size

1.2.3. People Management CCA: NPCC Liaison with volunteers and teachers

1.2.4. Self Time management To speed up processes

1.2.5. Admin and management Form class Class matters: Interviews & administration Observer status

1.2.6. Communication Liaison across different departments for various purposes

1.3. Service to the Profession and Community

1.3.1. Social Responsibility and Engagement

1.4. Teacher Identity

1.4.1. Seeking Improvement Every feedback is AFI

1.4.2. High Standards Towards meeting expectations and more

1.4.3. Adaptive and Resilient Unforeseen circumstances in the classroom School events.

1.5. Learner-Centred Values

1.5.1. Empathy The constant need to consider the bridge from their understanding to the teacher's.

1.5.2. Learning Abilities Varying abilities in the classroom calls for various approaches to be meted out in the same timeframe of lesson.

1.5.3. Potential The basic small steps from Point A to Point B

1.5.4. Diversity Different learning needs: Kinesthetic, visual and audio.