John Draper

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John Draper by Mind Map: John Draper

1. His phone phreak was a type of hacking that make him better hacker

1.1. it was based in the use of telephones for access into ILEGAL features of cellphone companies

2. Profession

2.1. Computer programmer, former phone phreak

3. *Captain Crunch*

3.1. He was born in March 1943 (age 72–73)

3.2. He is a performer in phone phreak

4. His Development to Apple II

4.1. Draper wrote EasyWriter, the first word processor for the Apple II, in 1979

4.1.1. He make it when it was at Alameda County jail

4.2. When he was a employee of Apple, he creates a specialized modem

4.2.1. But it was not comercialized

5. Some of his developments are

5.1. The Charlie Board (1977)

5.2. Forth 1.7 for the Apple II (1978)

5.3. EasyWriter© (1980)

5.4. Advanced 3-D Graphic Design Systems for Autodesk(1986–89)

5.5. Website Development (1994 to present)

6. “Cap’n Crunch bo’sun whistle”

6.1. Blowing a Captain Crunch whistle into a phone creates a free long distance calls

6.1.1. It was the main object for phone phreak that he use