Great white shark

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Great white shark by Mind Map: Great white shark

1. Shark food

1.1. Live food

1.1.1. Seals

1.1.2. Sea lions

1.1.3. Small toothed whales

1.2. Bait

1.2.1. Fish The smellier the better

1.2.2. Seal decoy

2. Mike rutzen

2.1. local

2.1.1. Fisherman

2.1.2. Shark cage operator

2.1.3. Shark researcher Not a scientist

2.1.4. Lives in hanbi

2.2. Sharks

2.2.1. Swims with sharks closest in the world proved that it is safe to swim with sharks Knows how to use body language to talk to sharks

2.2.2. Breaching Tows seal decoys near sharks feeding grounds