My Recess Experience

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My Recess Experience by Mind Map: My Recess Experience

1. Sight

1.1. Droplets of water speckled over the glossy surface of the cup.

1.2. Students wolfing down food

1.3. salivating at the menu

1.4. rowdy, boisterous students

1.5. wide array of food in display

1.6. groups of students eating while looking at their phone

1.7. the many colors plated beautifully

2. Taste

2.1. I took a bite of the juicy, savory piece of chicken

2.2. Sinful dessert

2.3. chunks of meat so tender that they melted in my mouth

2.4. tantalizing sauce

2.5. mouth-watering

3. Sound

3.1. Groups of students chuckling in the corner

3.2. incessant chattering of students

3.3. a gaggle of girls gossiping out of sight

3.4. the overlapping noise of orders and chitchat

3.5. clanking of plates

4. Smell

4.1. Delectable cuisines

4.2. aroma of food wafts through the air

4.3. freshly baked bread

4.4. The sweet fragrance of baked goods drifted towards my nostrils

5. Reflection

5.1. There's always a topic to share with your friends

5.2. appreciate the food that we get to eat and never waste it.

5.3. everyday moments can be special and we have to cherish them

5.4. there is more to life than just using your phone

6. Touch

6.1. my fork cut through the spongy, soft and fluffy cake like butter

6.2. the supple piece of meat stood in between two soft and fluffy slices of bread

6.3. warm, freshly baked bread

6.4. the cool refreshing breeze that blows through the ventilated canteen

7. by rachel and nawal