Morphs and muscles

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Morphs and muscles by Mind Map: Morphs and muscles

1. Body types

1.1. Ectomorph

1.1.1. Slim, tall and lightly muscled.

1.1.2. Do well in sports such as running.

1.2. Mesomorph

1.2.1. Well-defined muscles, robust and large boned.

1.2.2. Do well in sports such as weightlifting.

1.3. Endomorph

1.3.1. Round, soft, small hands and feet.

1.3.2. Don't do well in sports at all.

2. Body physiology

2.1. High power

2.1.1. Best at delivering short spurts of power.

2.2. High capacity

2.2.1. Best at delivering smaller amounts of power over sustained periods.

3. Muscle composition

3.1. Fast twitch

3.1.1. Delivers extreme amounts of power for a few seconds.

3.2. Slow twitch

3.2.1. Delivers prolonged contraction but with less power.