Big Markin

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Big Markin by Mind Map: Big Markin

1. intro/splash

1.1. log in

1.1.1. done

1.1.2. wrong recovering recovering done

1.2. sign up

1.2.1. success

1.2.2. error

1.3. like a guest

1.4. first start

1.4.1. how it works 3 slides

1.4.2. turn on nitifications

1.4.3. turn on location

2. location select

2.1. main screen

2.1.1. hotels filter 1 (districts?) list change filtering in the end of list Hotel page search result no result

2.1.2. appartments filter 2 (options like wifi, pets) list apartment page

2.1.3. restaurants filter 3 (types of cousin, district, class) distance list restaurant page

2.1.4. taxi list of companies page with prices and ontions filter 4 (class)

2.1.5. groceries filter 5 (types, availability) list page of location distance

2.1.6. tickets type of transport select dates from to search best price by month any dates range

2.2. nothing to show in this loc

2.2.1. change

2.2.2. subscribe for updates in this loc