Marya Denetsosie Browsers 2010

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Marya Denetsosie Browsers 2010 by Mind Map: Marya Denetsosie Browsers 2010

1. Browser: a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. An information resource is identified by a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and may be a web page, image, video, or other piece of content

2. Opera

2.1. Pros:

2.1.1. Offers remote access and file sharing in addition to bookmarking and setting synchronization.

2.1.2. Opera isn't just for Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. It's also available on many mobile phones and devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone/iPod/iPad, Windows Mobile, and Android.

2.2. Cons:

2.2.1. Opera does not support extensions.

2.2.2. A small number of web sites do not load properly, as some developers don’t test their sites with Opera.

3. Google Chrome 6

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. Google Chrome 7.0.517.41 Beta, with a perfect score for compliance with four features, superior to Internet Explorer 9 only in terms of getElementsByClassName support.

3.1.2. This application is extremely dynamic when streaming audio and video, as well as for downloading files from websites (programs, music, documents, etc.)

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. is one of the most efficient in the market. This is because it provides a smooth and fast navigation with great compatibility with any website.

3.2.2. the browsers that take up more hard drive space

4. Apple Safari

4.1. Pros:

4.1.1. For the last few years, Safari lagged behind Chrome, Opera, and Firefox in terms of speed, security, and flexibility. This just changed.

4.1.2. offers a framework for extensions

4.2. Cons:

4.2.1. Safari 5.0.7533.16 is the bottom-feeder of the “Official HTML5 Test Suite Conformance Results” sporting the lowest HTML5 compliance level of all browsers.

4.2.2. It is not yet clear whether Safari is more secure.

5. Mozilla Firefox 4

5.1. Pros:

5.1.1. Firefox 4 Beta 6 with 100% scores for three features, followed by Opera 10.60, also reaching the perfect compliance score only for three HTML5 features.

5.1.2. Huge addon library. manipulate your multimedia player from the Firefox window ¡and even to download videos from YouTube in just one click!

5.2. Cons:

5.2.1. Loading a long time began to start, especially if a lot of adds-on that is installed

5.2.2. When you open a new tab, for example, it would be nice if it would load your homepage or display something other than a blank page.

6. Explorer9

6.1. Pros:

6.1.1. IE. Performance, interoperability, UX, web standards support, hardware acceleration, etc.

6.1.2. a perfect score in no less than five categories, 100% for attributes, audio, foreigncontent, video and xhtml5, results unmatched by any other browser.

6.2. Cons:

6.2.1. you can't view all the passwords saved by the browser

6.2.2. it doesn't have an integrated spell checker

7. Explorer8

7.1. Cons:

7.1.1. 1

7.1.2. it is already installed in your computer, along with Windows.

8. Sources

8.1. minimum 5 sources, collaborative effort; only most recent versions

8.1.1. Shorten your URLs at the following link: