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1. Specific

1.1. My current time in the mile is 8 minutes 47 seconds. I want to better my time in the mile by 30 seconds.

1.2. I will reach this goal by running for at least 30 minutes a day.

1.3. One day a week I will run a mile and time myself.

2. Measurable

2.1. With a current time of 8 minutes 47 seconds, I will have reached my goal when I get 8 minutes 17 seconds or less.

2.2. I have a stopwatch function on my watch to keep track of my time.

2.3. I will track my progress by keeping a journal of my mile times every time I run a mile.

3. Revelant

3.1. This goal is important to me because I want to stay fit and healthy.

3.2. Improving my cardiovascular endurance helps make activities I do such as hiking and mountain biking more enjoyable.

4. Time

4.1. I will achieve this goal by August 25.

4.2. Half way towards my goal, on June 15th, I will have my mile time down to 8 minutes 32 seconds.

5. Achievable

5.1. I have a treadmill to use when the weather is bad.

5.2. I have scheduled at least 30 minutes, 5 days during the week to work on my endurance.

5.3. I have a heart rate monitor to wear while exercising to make sure I am in the fitness zone for building endurance.

5.4. I am motivated to improve and willing to put forth the effort needed.