Objective: Students understand various objects in different landscapes.

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Objective: Students understand various objects in different landscapes. by Mind Map: Objective: Students understand various objects in different landscapes.

1. Readiness

1.1. High Level of Understanding

1.1.1. Have students to help lower understanding students. (High level of understanding students can share more ideas to other students)

1.1.2. Teach students some drawing skills and have them practice on their own projects. (Like different way to present trees, leaves and trunks.)

1.2. Low Level of Understanding

1.2.1. Use visual technology to show students the difference between landscapes. (Show students different video and images of landscapes and different countries.)

1.2.2. Ask students questions and let students do Think-Pair-Share to learn from their peers. (Questions like which landscape will have mountains, tall towers, sea animals? )

2. Learning Profiles/Interest

2.1. Video Games/Technology

2.1.1. Students can use the iPad to find information they need for their artwork.

2.1.2. Allow students to share their experience of playing video games about different landscape they have seen.

2.2. Creativity

2.2.1. Allow students to create their own animals live in different landscapes. (Ex: Create an animal lives in seascape and imagine its lifestyle and what does it eat.)

2.2.2. Have students create a story about their artwork. (Like when this person came to this city and what did he/she see and did in this city.)

3. Learning Style

3.1. Visual Learner

3.1.1. Copy what’s on the board and make outlines of everything. This helps visual learners to learn through seeing them. (A map of the difference between different landscapes.)

3.1.2. Use visual tools like videos, images, PowerPoint, and flash cards to catch students' attention. (Compare the pictures of landscape, seascape, and cityscape.)

3.2. Group Learner

3.2.1. Have groups of students discuss and share their ideas about the objective. (Discussing about different natural scenes, animals, ect. in different landscapes.)

3.2.2. Have groups of students finish different landscape drawing and share their thoughts with peers. (Have different groups to finish landscape, seascape, and cityscape drawing. Compare the difference of each landscape.)